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Mariella - thoughts please.

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Iris1 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:32:40

So for personal reasons would love to use Muriel but really dont find i love it as a name more sentimental reasons. It means 'sparkling, shining sea' which i think is just beautiful. Ive looked at related names and came across Mariella and i think its lovely and it means 'star of the sea'.
So i guess im wondering what people think as id hate to think anyone would find it amusing, a bit too out there as its not very common. I guess its quite a mermaid like name?
Thoughts apreciated.

pecans Thu 29-Nov-12 22:36:17

Really really pretty - go for it

germyrabbit Thu 29-Nov-12 22:38:35

pretty comes to mind for me too! nice classic name

Lighthouse100 Fri 30-Nov-12 08:41:12

Love it, it's on our shortlist too!

YouCanBe Fri 30-Nov-12 08:49:32

It is very pretty. smile

bootsycollins Fri 30-Nov-12 08:51:13

Absolutely beautiful, classic, feminine, not overly used and will equally suit a newborn and grown up, good choice! I'd keep quiet in RL to guard that one!

Knew a lovely little Mariella - think its a very good name as well!

ChestnutsRoastingonaWitchesTit Fri 30-Nov-12 09:55:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChestnutsRoastingonaWitchesTit Fri 30-Nov-12 09:57:40

Mariella I mean

QOD Fri 30-Nov-12 09:58:19

I know a Mariella, from an Italian family, 'tis lovely

MolotovCocktail Fri 30-Nov-12 11:23:16

Oh, Mariella is beautiful - a name I wish I'd used!!

MackerelOfFact Fri 30-Nov-12 11:26:50

It's lovely, but don't ever ever ever search for Kate Nash Mariella lest you be stuck with this irritating song in your head for all of eternity.

GalaxyDisaster Fri 30-Nov-12 11:27:00

I know a Mariella. She's about 3 I guess. It's nice, a bit 'frilly' for me, but a lovely name. That's totally a personal taste thing though. For example, I prefer Isabel to Isabella.

LarkinSky Fri 30-Nov-12 11:28:37

Mariella Frostrop, one of my favorite columnists (guardian). Only association I can think of and a positive one. I think Mariella is a great name, that holy grail of uncommon but not outlandish, say able and spell able. Good scope for nicknames. And lovely meaning. Go for it!

BabysPointlessPocket Fri 30-Nov-12 11:58:06

My S.I.L. name. Lovely smile

Iris1 Fri 30-Nov-12 20:34:33

Wow I was not expecting such a wonderful response! Im really hoping to use it now, I think the meaning is what I love most and it just seems so pretty. I think I would prefer Mari (mar-ee) as a nickname but wouldn't mind if she wanted to be ella or elle, or just always Mariella as i like using full names.

My only concern is my 2 elder dc have more common names. My Ds is Oliver, I know very common but we wanted a solid English name and loved it.
I think Oliver and Mariella would be great, all fine, only problem is my dd is Freya.
I had no idea Freya was so popular when I picked it, I never checked I just fell in love with it.
Im worried it would seem weird my 3rd child having a more 'frilly' name so to speak?
I just love all 3 names though so that makes it ok right?
Thanks for all your responses!

GalaxyDisaster Fri 30-Nov-12 20:52:05

I think the obsession with sibling names 'going' is totally overdone tbh. My two have names which often cause a raised eyebrow together. One is Irish. One is very solid English. In their way they do go, because they are both very traditional names from their cultures, but I do get comments.

I couldn't give a stuff. Your children's names are said as a set pretty rarely in the scheme of things. Whether it flows beautifully on a Christmas card is not personally something I care about.

I think they sound perfectly fine together anyway. It not like you have an Oliver, a Freya and are now going for Rainbow Fruitshoot wink

Ephiny Fri 30-Nov-12 20:57:28

It's very pretty. I also like Mariel (much nicer than Muriel, but less 'frilly' than Mariella).

I think it's fine with your other children's names.

Iris1 Fri 30-Nov-12 20:57:54

Galaxy - I think you're right!! thanks!

Frikadellen Sat 01-Dec-12 16:22:07

I dont think Freya is a issue with an Mariella to be honest I wouldn't worry there. Yes Freya is more well known but it is still a pretty feminine name so why not have another?

LarkinSky Sun 02-Dec-12 08:40:50

Good post Galaxy.

Clawdy Mon 03-Dec-12 11:00:36

Mariella was the heroine in several of the Sadlers Wells ballet books I loved as a ten-year-old. She was feisty and fun!

sparkle12mar08 Mon 03-Dec-12 11:12:24

I prefer Marielle, I don't like the extra syllable in Mariella, and I think Marielle goes better with Freya too.

GalaxyDisaster Mon 03-Dec-12 13:47:41

Thanks Larkin and Iris - I do have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about the whole thing blush

sooperdooper Mon 03-Dec-12 14:44:22

Love it, very pretty and not used very often, love it, good choice x

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