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A nickname for Alexandra

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language Wed 28-Nov-12 12:38:59


We have a brand new baby Alexandra! We love the full name but can't find a nice nickname - we dislike both Alex and Lexie/ Any creative suggestions are welcome.

MildredIsMyAlterEgo Wed 28-Nov-12 16:39:58

nn here is Ola - pronounced Olla (as in Ola Jordan off Strictly Come Dancing)

Good choice OP, mind you I am biased as I have an Olek (Aleksander) smile

Umnitsa Thu 29-Nov-12 00:59:27

Congratulations with your little daughter!!

I also have a baby Alexandra and her nn is Aloushka.

In Russian, other typical diminutives include Sasha /Sashenka, Alia / Alenka / Alechka as well as Shura / Shurochka.

amazingmumof6 Thu 29-Nov-12 01:19:27

congrats on baby girl!
I agree with Elizaday, evamummy and others - just call her Alexandra for now, nick names will emerge!

just a sample of our sons' nicknames:
DS1 - wishywashy
DS2 - bambam
DS3 - flopsy
DS4 - snowy
DS5 - zizizoo
and DD is currently called stinky-pinky, twirly-girlie or Lovepie - care to guess the real names of all 6 kids?

GrrrArghZzzzYaayforall8nights Thu 29-Nov-12 02:18:44

Agree with amazing, nicknames will emerge and the full name will not be a problem.

My Alexandra (5) prefers her full name to anything else. She has been called A, Alex, Andra, Xandra, Xandy, (and unname related nicknames like Slices and Tweedle 2) but calls herself and introduces herself as Alexandra. She also has no problem writing it, except for her desire to write everything in capital letters and runs out of space, but just continues it below.

Congrats on your little Alexandra! smile

piprabbit Thu 29-Nov-12 02:29:01

Xander (pronounced and sometimes spelled Zander). I think that this is Alexander Armstrong's (Pointless fame) family nickname.

Gugglebum Fri 30-Nov-12 02:42:13

My niece Alexandra goes by Allie. I agree that most nicknames just kind of show up and fit at some point.

EuroShopperEnergyDrink Fri 30-Nov-12 02:52:27

I know a Xandie smile

Very cute.

DolomitesDonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 06:14:15

Good luck with not getting her called Alex.

SchmancyPants Fri 30-Nov-12 06:40:19

I used to know an Alexandra who was called Lally. I believe this had evolved naturally from her difficulties saying her name as a child though- I agree with previous posters that you can't choose a nickname, it just happens! smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 30-Nov-12 06:45:47

My son had an Alexandra in his class who was always an Alexandra.

But they only grown up one I know is a Sasha

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 30-Nov-12 07:12:02

I knew an Alexandra who was known as Alla smile.

shoobidoo Fri 30-Nov-12 13:57:21

The Alexandra I know goes by Sandra.

Pleasenomorepeppa Fri 30-Nov-12 14:01:52

The Alexandra I nannied for called herself ZsaZsa & we all started using it & variations of it.
Her actual nn was muncher or tubs!

ucat Sat 01-Dec-12 13:11:57

I like Lexie and Sasha. Sandra and Ally are cute. Alexa is too 80s and too grown-up for a baby. I read recently that Alexandra began as another name for the Greek goddess Hera. The post is interesting to find out more about your daughter's name:

cat Sat 01-Dec-12 13:16:58

I am an Ally short for Alexandra.

Congratulations and great name choice wink

pixiestix Sat 01-Dec-12 13:18:32

I know siblings called Alexandra and Maximillian and they are never shortened. Can you imagine? I needed to find a one syllable nickname to grunt at DD within hours of her birth <lazy>

OkayHazel Wed 05-Dec-12 02:12:06

I know a Zaza.

notanotter Thu 06-Dec-12 21:52:49

our dd is Alexandra nn Sacha

i too not keen on Lexie

NotForProfit Thu 06-Dec-12 22:51:59

I have a 2 yr oldAlexandra. I'm really glad other people are cottoning on as this name fell out of the top 100 this year & i couldnt understand why. She's an Alex/Allie.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Thu 06-Dec-12 22:54:06

I know an Alexandra who is always known as Dradra. Oh wait.

Contrived diminutives always seem a bit bogus to me I'm afraid,

rachel234 Fri 07-Dec-12 10:36:11

In my experience nicknames evolve naturally and she may well have different nickname at school and at home.
I know two Alexandras - one goes by Alex, the other by Sandra.

dizzydixies Fri 07-Dec-12 20:39:44

Ours is Lexie but her sister calls her Sassy smile

language Wed 12-Dec-12 10:20:19

Thanks for your ideas! I really like Sasha and Allie

shoobidoo Thu 13-Dec-12 22:34:36

Most Alexandras that I know are known as Alex but one is known as Sandra.

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