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It's a girl! Just need to think of a name now ...

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aufaniae Mon 26-Nov-12 15:40:09

Just found out it's a girl today smile

Really struggled with names for DS. Finally agreed one when he was a day old! (Which we love) Trying to get one chose a bit earlier this time!

I'm keen on unusual names, and also Celtic names (DD will have Welsh & Scottish grandparents), although it doesn't have to be Celtic.

Here's a list of names I like but which aren't quite the one, or which I can't use for one reason or another. (For those of you with de ja vu, yes, we've been here before!)


Any ideas along these lines would be gratefully received! smile

wafflingworrier Mon 26-Nov-12 20:37:31

i like Agnes. ok i LOVE agnes, but my husband absolutely refuses. you can have it if you like....i THINK it's celtic??

aufaniae Tue 27-Nov-12 00:07:50

thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I'll have a look ...

Love Eira, but too close to a good friend's DS's name.

aufaniae Tue 27-Nov-12 00:09:58

NorksAreTinselly Marianne Dreams is great isn't it? It's always stayed with me, I loved it as a child smile

I'm thinking possibly Marianne as a middle name, as DS's middle name honors someone on DP's side of the family. Marianne would be a combination of two relatives on my side (well, near enough, anyway!) so that might be a nice thing to do.

aufaniae Tue 27-Nov-12 00:15:47

Eleri's lovely, think I'll mull on that one ...

Anya's nice too. (Maybe a middle name?)

aufaniae Tue 27-Nov-12 00:25:15

Hmm, Inez ... maybe, i'll think about that one too.

Love Siani (and Siân) but can't have it sad

mumnosbest Tue 27-Nov-12 00:41:00


ItLooksLikeRainDear Tue 27-Nov-12 00:41:37

Aine is a lovely name - similar to Anya

Alannah, Ailish (ay-lish), Emer, Mairead, Una, orlagh, Saoirse (Sir-sha)

goralka Tue 27-Nov-12 00:51:08

was marianne dreams the one where she had been ill perhaps and was drawing, and when she fell asleep she woke up in the drawing? and she had drawn a house with a boy in it who she meets...then they have a fight and she draws one eyed monsters around the house???

goralka Tue 27-Nov-12 00:52:39

isn't Arwyn a boy's name?
Aine is lovely...

NorksAreTinselly Tue 27-Nov-12 05:44:59

goralka yes.

SminkoPinko Tue 27-Nov-12 06:23:21

You should really choose Marianne as the first name as it's the best girls name in the world ever. And despite everyone having heard of it, most people being v positive about it and few people ever actively disliking it (or at least being rude enough to say so to anyone with a Marianne in tow!) it's way, way, way down the list of popular names with only about 50 girl babies a year given the name at the moment so you are unlikely to have more that 1 Marianne in a nursery/school class. Plus you have both Jane Austen and Leonard Cohen as lovely connections to the name and any fule can see that a Jane/Leonard mix is a truly wonderful bizarre and ace mix.

But if for some reason you can't go there I also love Anouk and Carys from your list.

Or how about Nancy, Sorrel, Astrid, Eliza, Serena?

mumnosbest Tue 27-Nov-12 11:58:35

Theres a little girl at toddlers with a name that sounds like Arwyn. Only ever heard it not seen it written but think it sounds lovely.

Gwennan Tue 27-Nov-12 12:40:35

Celtic choices:
Alys, Aoife, Bethan, Bonnie, Branwen, Bridget, Delyth, Eleri, Elowen, Elspeth, Fenella, Fiona, Gwen, Gwyneth, Iona, Kerensa, Lowri, Maelys, Manon, Maura, Meleri, Rhian, Tegwen

Names like Estelle, Ottilie, Etta, Marianne, Matilda, Esme, Anouk & Edie:
Ada, Augusta, Beatrice, Cecily, Clémence, Clio, Colette, Delphine, Dinah, Elodie, Elsa, Hebe, Henrietta, Ivy, Jemima, Leonie or Léonie, Lillian, Louisa, Nancy, Rosa, Sadie, Tabitha, Verity, Willa

A few others just in case they take your fancy:
Annora, Felicity, Hester, Honora, Pippa, Saskia, Verena

amck5700 Tue 27-Nov-12 22:10:52


ditzydrawers Wed 28-Nov-12 18:59:49

A vote for Marianne...beautiful! I may be slightly biased.....

Or how about Sylvie?

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