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bigch Sun 18-Nov-12 02:36:11

What do you think of the name Clarisse? (clah-rees) It seems to have about 10 different spellings.

NotMostPeople Sun 18-Nov-12 02:38:27

Chinanti scth scth scth scth

SucksToBeMe Sun 18-Nov-12 02:39:46

I have a friend called Clarice. It's such a great name and I very quickly forgot the chianti link wink

BlueChampagne Mon 19-Nov-12 13:56:36

I thought Clarice Cliff - unusual but not 'out there'.

curiousgeorgie Mon 19-Nov-12 14:11:06

Silence of the lambs straight away....

BananaBubbles Mon 19-Nov-12 17:31:48

I can't say it,in my mind,without hearing it in the voice of Hannibal Lecter.

Katydive Mon 19-Nov-12 17:52:54

Yes sorry, reminds me of Hanibal Lecter too...

lollypopsicle Mon 19-Nov-12 20:20:39

Hannibal in my head too. Sorry.

ggirl Mon 19-Nov-12 20:21:33


LaVitaBellissima Mon 19-Nov-12 20:22:33

Yes Hannibal, Claariiiccee <nightmares>

Hassled Mon 19-Nov-12 20:24:01

Clarice is lovely. Clarisse sounds French, and if you're not French then it just sounds a bit like you wish you were.

Puffykins Mon 19-Nov-12 20:25:32

I love Clarissa.

Allalonenow Mon 19-Nov-12 22:02:12

I think Clarissa is prettier.

MrsBradleyJames Mon 19-Nov-12 22:19:33

I agree that Clarissa is nicer and also that Clareeeeeeesse is indelibly linked with silence of the lambs for so many people! I can't hear it without hearing him, but perhaps that is because I have never known any other 'Clarisse'

I love the name Carice, like Clarice but prettier imho.

ecuse Mon 19-Nov-12 23:01:24

Hmm. I thought Steel Magnolias. For that reason I associate it with late middle aged women.

spaghettina Tue 20-Nov-12 14:32:05

Silence of the Lambs yes, same here - but that was a while ago, anyone under the age of 25 might not make that association, surely?
I prefer Clarissa or Clarice (pron. to rhyme with Harris)

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