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Pronounciation of Classical Greek names

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sorchatallulah Wed 21-Nov-12 01:14:41

If you're talking about the muse of epic poetry, Calliope is definitely kal-EYE-oh-pee. I believe there's an instrument or something with a different pronunciation though! Pronounced properly Calliope sounds lovely, it's definitely on my list smile Persephone is also a favourite.

BayouBelle Tue 20-Nov-12 12:06:19


zingally Mon 19-Nov-12 13:06:16

So... In answer to you question... No one really knows!

I'd avoid them, personally.

NEVER go with a name you aren't 100% sure how to pronounce.

alexpolismum Sat 17-Nov-12 18:21:48

Calliope is my MIL's name. It is pronounced Cal-ee-o-pee with the emphasis on the o.

Danae is my DD's middle name. Pronounced Dan-eye, emphasis on eye.

toofattorun Sat 17-Nov-12 17:05:01

Thalia is a nice Greek name. It means flourishing or bloom.

BayouBelle Sat 17-Nov-12 12:42:44

thanks. No I'm not sure I want one of these names. I love the idea of them but in truth, I doubt I'd have the nerve to go through with it grin

Bue Sat 17-Nov-12 11:48:14

Calliope is Kal-EYE-oh-pee (same emphasis on syllables as Pen-EH-lo-pee)
Cassiopeia is Cass-ee-OH-pee-a

Don't know about Danae!

toofattorun Sat 17-Nov-12 11:24:59




Are you sure you want one of these names?

BayouBelle Sat 17-Nov-12 09:14:26

Can anyone confirm my pronunciation of these names please? When I did Classical studies at school we pronounced them as below but I'm not sure and I'd hate to get it wrong and saddle a child with it grin

1. Danae - DAN-EYE-AYE
2. Calliope - CALL-EE-OH-PAY
3. Cassiopeia - CASS-EE-OH-PAY-UH

Any classic geeks out there?

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