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Need Icelandic, Hebrew and English names!

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evilhamster Thu 15-Nov-12 21:22:41

Well, I'm from Iceland, DH is from Israel and we live in England. So we want an Icelandic name, Hebrew middle name with the first name being okay in England.

First name ideas (we're having a surprise)-

Finn (fairly normal)
Henrik (I like the name, and it won't be confusing in England)
Natanael (Nate? Nat?)
November (with the accent, but not sure how to do it on the computer for an e)
Jakob (Jack? Jake? Fairly normal name, just Icelandified.
Reider (Ray-der)
Fen/Fenrir (yes, I know it’s a mythological dog but it’s quite popular where I come from).
Rasmus (Ras?)
Issidor (Issy-door, or Iz-idor, pronounciation isn’t always certain)
Reinir/ Reynir
Reifnar (said Rife-nahr)
Isak/Issak (said Iss-sack, not like Isaac)

That's for boys..
For girls:
Lilja (Lil-yah)

A much shorter list!

Our suggestions are-
Katrin Shoshonnah/Susannah
Katrin Zemira
Elisabet Maya (My-ah)
Lilja Shoshonnah/Susannah
Lilja Kefira
Freya/Freyja Kefira
Freya/Freyja Tzrafira
Elin Shoshonnah/Susannah
Hanna Zemira

Boys are-
Jesper Aharon
Jesper Akiva
Jesper Elan
Henrik Yakov
Henrib Jakob
Henrik Joshua
Lukas Isaiah
Natanael Kefir
Luther Karmiel
November Jakob
Jakob Solemon
Reinir/Reynir Joshua
Reinir/Reynir Aharon
Fen/Fenrir Isaiah
Rasmus Kefir
Riefnar Zechariah
Isak/Issak Aharon
Isak/Issak Jakob
Isak/Issak Kefir

It might sound over the top, but each name has a meaning. The names I list are all Icelandic, obviously, and the names he listed all have family meanings to them. So...sorry for the long list but would any work, bearing in mind most people won't know the middle names?

So far, our favourites are Issak Jakob, Issak Kefir, Fenrir Isaiah, Henrik Joshua, Luther Karmiel, Lukas Isaiah, in no order. And Katrin Zemira, Katrin Susannah, Lilja Kefira, Hanna Zemira, Elisabet Maya.

Sorry, my first and longest ever post!

InNeedOfBrandy Thu 15-Nov-12 21:23:56

I love the hebrew name Effron. It means singing bird and I keep mentioning it on here.

poppy283 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:28:39

My favourites are Lilja Shoshonnah and Jesper Elan.

1978andallthat Thu 15-Nov-12 23:03:08

Jakob and Elin

Alisvolatpropiis Thu 15-Nov-12 23:42:39

Jesper and Lilja are lovely.

FriggFRIGG Thu 15-Nov-12 23:44:21

Okay,I'd say No to Luther and issidor,isadora is a girls name here,and sounds very similar to issidor.

My favorites are;

Elin Shoshanna
Fenrir isaiah

But there are lots of lovely names in your list! It was hard to pick!

FriggFRIGG Thu 15-Nov-12 23:47:12

Oh,and Reider sounds quite a bit like radar to me too...not sure if that's a non-issue,but thought I'd point it out...

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 16-Nov-12 00:47:18

Isadora is the feminine form of Isidor. As in Isidor Straus.

Not often heard in the UK these days but old names are having a comeback.

manicinsomniac Fri 16-Nov-12 07:37:25

I love:
Elin Shoshanna
Hanna Zemira
Natanael Kefir
November Jakub
Isak Aharan

hatebeak Fri 16-Nov-12 11:20:30

Great pool of names.
I would go for Jesper Elan - I like Rasmus, Reynir and Fenrir, too, but don't like the middle names with them.
Katrin or Elin Shoshonnah for a girl. Hanna Zemira is nice too.

evilhamster Sat 17-Nov-12 18:53:14

Thanks everyone!

Still got roughly 10wks to go, so plenty of time!

I know Frigg, it might sound odd. Because it's a name I hear in Iceland and which I won't connect with the English word 'radar' because my first language is Icelandic. I love the name, but it might not fit in English. I'm not sure what to go with. I mean, it's not a thing you'd get teased about, what kid really makes that connection between radar- if the name was Smelly, then there'd be a point obviously. But it might just not fit. We live in Wales if it matters.

Thanks Brandy. I love Effron now. Very beautiful meaning. My other DCs middle names means 'melody', 'beautiful song' and 'flute'- so something like that would fit, although only DH and I (and people like you of course) would know the meaning.

Luther could be a difficult name. For a start, Martin Luther King and Martin Luther. I'd assume they'd named the child after one of them, which would seem odd to me, if it wasn't an Icelandic name so I didn't know it, and I was with the parents of a boy called Luther. Also, the accent probably isn't a good idea- mind you, my real name has weird signs over the 'a', but I grew up where that was common.

Which probably means November is off the list, for the accent and because it's a month. A lovely Autumn month, although possibly early winter and wet, but a month- who'd name a baby January or September? So November is off.

Now we've rethinked the whole thing though. Sorry! Two middle names. An English or Welsh name and a Hebrew name. However, the middle Hebrew name is still the same, so it doesn't matter much.

I'm starting to pick out my favourites, some of you seem to think of the same names as me-
Hanna Zemira. Hanna is a pretty name in my opinion, and more to the point isn't too Icelandic to not fit in, but is still an Icelandic name. Zemira (I think) goes okay with it.

Lilja Shoshonna/h. Lily for short? I like Shoshonnah now. A pretty meaning for it. 'Lily'. Although I've found conflicting meanings- lily, graceful lily and rose. In which case she'd be a Lily Lily, a Lily graceful lily or a Lily Rose.

Isak Aharon. I like this a bit more name. Although I agree it sounds like Isadora, I like the name. I'm falling in love with Aharon too.

Does Fenrir sound a bit too fierce for you? Or maybe it's just me? I like the name but it sounds a bit ferocious almost?

Jesper Elan is a possibility. Jes? I can imagine calling him Jess or Jesse when he's little- so about 2- but not sure when he's older. Maybe when he writes his name on forms etc; they might think the 'e' is an 'a'- depending on handwriting it's easy to think he's a Jasper. Although I'm just overthinking it now.

I really, really wish we'd chosen to find out the gender now. Lovely to have a surprise, but a nightmare to find names.

So out of that shortlist-
Hanna Zemira
Lilja Shoshonna
Isak Aharon
Possibly Fenrir Isaiah
Possibly Jesper Elan

DH and I need to find English or Welsh names too. Argh! Our other DCs have Icelandic names and Jewish names, although their ones are the English version (such as Judith) but we'd like it this way. Thanks for all the previous suggestions, they really helped us narrow the names down! smile

Hanna Zemira Elenor/Eleanor
Hanna Zemira Madeleine (does it go?)
Hanna Zemira Annabelle
Hanna Zemira Rachael
Hanna Zemira Alys (waves moved-to-Wales flag)
Hanna Zemira Jessica (are the 'a' endings too much?)

Lilja Shoshonna Madeleine
Lilja Shoshonna Rose/Rosabelle/Rosalind/Rosamund. Too much?
Lilja Shoshonna Alyssa

Isak Aharon (so on its own!)
Isak Aharon Elliot
Isak Aharon Nathaniel
Isak Aharon Alexander (the two As?)
Isak Aharon Henry (I think it's cute- might be wrong!)

Oh god. ANOTHER long post. ANOTHER essay. I should really stop people from trying to read it. I could ask MNHQ to put a warning up- 'read at your peril, sleep inducing torture in thread'?

hatebeak Sat 17-Nov-12 19:32:22

Madlen / Modlen I think are the Welsh versions of Madeleine - maybe less of a mouthful with the longer first names? I don't think you want another "a" ending with Hanna Zemira. Jessica and Annabelle aren't as strong as the other names, either.
Hanna Zemira Alys is quite excitable but I like it! Like Fenrir, too.

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