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So, if you could have another DC, what would you call them?

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FeckOffWithYourXmasBollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 15:27:45

I'm not PG, just wondering. I'd love a dd called Elinor.

FeckOffWithYourXmasBollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 20:18:03

Or Tristan.

MrsDeVere Mon 12-Nov-12 20:23:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elinor is lovely.

My mythical dd3 is called Marianne Darcy.
My mythical ds1 is either: Laurence, Rowan or Banaby - middle name Asher.

Tickledyellow Mon 12-Nov-12 21:00:08

Esme for a girl and Laurence for a boy

Ploom Mon 12-Nov-12 21:02:58

Nice to see 2 of my dc's names on this thread. My imaginary boy's name would be Nico or Sebastian. For a girl Ciara.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Mon 12-Nov-12 21:04:11

Travis or George for a boy

Anna or Aoife for a girl

deemented Mon 12-Nov-12 21:07:30

For a boy Osian Ivor

For a girl Mali Angharad

rezzle Mon 12-Nov-12 21:12:38

Currently pg with DC2 - they will be either Logan or Maya (I think!). I imagine I will change my mind before they arrive though.

MrsDeVere Mon 12-Nov-12 21:24:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


Lots of nice names on here. Love Tristan, Clara and Cassie.

Northernlurker Mon 12-Nov-12 21:43:40

3 shakespearean girls here so dd4 would be Viola. Not happening though!

COCKadoodledooo Mon 12-Nov-12 21:51:59

Girls, Martha or Antoinette. Have already got two boys with names I love so couldn't pick another!

hattymattie Mon 12-Nov-12 21:56:20

James or Marius or Marcus
Mathilde or Isabella

sonniboo Mon 12-Nov-12 22:09:22

Linus is lovely or Quentin.
Clara or Elena for a girl.

FriggFRIGG Tue 13-Nov-12 00:28:37

Oh jeepers,I have hundreds of names to use up... hundreds

CzarChasm Tue 13-Nov-12 03:43:26

Louisa Kate for a girl or Elijah Samuel for a boy

Gwennan Wed 14-Nov-12 15:22:38

Serena, Matilda, Martha, Honor or possibly Emmeline

Henry, Leo, Dominic or Arthur

Let's say: Serena Violet & Henry Dominic

MamaGeekChic Wed 14-Nov-12 15:29:17

Elena Iris, Anya Iris or Lois Caroline for a girl

Patrick Nicholas, Laurence Nicholas or Joseph Nicholas for a boy.

soaccidentprone Wed 14-Nov-12 15:32:25

Alice Elsa

fuzzpig Wed 14-Nov-12 15:34:29

Boy - Sheldon Nikolai
(big bang theory blush and DH's favourite scientist, Nikolai Tesla)

Girl - Lyra Melody
(his dark materials, my middle name)

I already have a boy and a girl and staggeringly unlikely to have more.

TessOfTheBaublevilles Wed 14-Nov-12 15:37:38

Mary Christabel
Samuel Valentine

Both middle names are family names on DH's side.

missingmymarbles Wed 14-Nov-12 16:28:33

Maia Grace
Finley or Elisha Ashton (I know what people say about Ashton, but it's DH's middle name, and he was that before it was popular/chavvywink)

hurricanewyn Wed 14-Nov-12 16:33:45

Oisin for a boy & Abigail for a girl - never having anymore though.

Lulabellarama Wed 14-Nov-12 16:35:19

Sebastian for a boy
Talia for a girl

gufflings Wed 14-Nov-12 17:01:19

Love Honor, Greta or Lillian.

No boys' names. That's my current problem...

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