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Middle name for Aaron?

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Chunkychicken Mon 12-Nov-12 02:44:12

I write this with my 10hr old baby boy on my chest!! We didn't find out the sex but both assumed he would be a she. We have a DD called Eleanor Niamh.

We would have loved to have chosen family or names with real meaning, but for one reason or another, its too political/complicated with our families.

We chose Niamh because it sounded nice after Eleanor.

What middle name do you suggest we use with Aaron?

TIA smile

amazingmumof6 Mon 12-Nov-12 02:55:49

Congratulations& well done!
love Aaron, DD2's second name!

I'm obsessed with Biblical names, sorry, but here comes

Aaron Benjamin, Aaron Timothy, Aaron Thomas


amazingmumof6 Mon 12-Nov-12 02:57:51

Joshua, Jacob, Matthew, Samuel, Daniel

amazingmumof6 Mon 12-Nov-12 03:04:43

Jonathan , Michael

Henry, William,

Jojoba1986 Mon 12-Nov-12 03:13:03

Aaron James
Aaron Rufus for something a little unusual!?
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Francis

All seem to end in s! confused

Chunkychicken Mon 12-Nov-12 08:05:08

Thank you for the suggestions. There are some different ones that we hadn't thought of. Will mull it over some

justhayley Mon 12-Nov-12 20:14:21

Congratulations grin

Aaron Alexander
Aaron Joshua
Aaron James
Aaron Noah

SecondhandRose Mon 12-Nov-12 20:18:41

After his Dad or Grandads?

Goldalocks Mon 12-Nov-12 20:56:59

You could choose something Celtic to complement Niamh:

Aaron Oisin
Aaron Darragh (although am assuming you are pronouncing Air-on, otherwise won't work)
Aaron Cormac
Aaron Sean

If you are looking for somthing that sounds nice, I think Aaron James is the best so far, both lovely strong names.

Chunkychicken Tue 13-Nov-12 10:53:46

Thank you for your suggestions. I too like James but its my DH's middle name so it wouldn't really work for us.

Although nobody suggested this (blush) we've decided on George. Thanks again smile

amazingmumof6 Tue 13-Nov-12 12:07:19

it's like guess the name of the bear at the school fair, but you cheeky people cheated - George was not on the list, you can't choose that and win the price! no no no! wink grin

<I'm in a silly mood!>

thanks well done, it's a nice combination, very solid and he'll love it!

Enjoy little Aaron George and thanks for letting us know!

Jojoba1986 Tue 13-Nov-12 13:50:50

It's interesting that you say James wouldn't work for you... We started off with a middle name for DS & had to pick a first name to go with it so he'd have his dad's middle name! It's a tradition in my family.

I like George but I agree it's cheating so you can't have it! wink

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