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help me think of names please :-D

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I want to think of unusual first names which go with Riley- boy or girl and Sarah- for a girl as a middle name.

Its to carry on the name of my little boy I lost and the little girl my mum lost, so really want to find some names!

amazingmumof6 Mon 12-Nov-12 00:47:27

Girls names:
I have a niece Naomi Sarah, which I think is lovely, 2 of her sisters are called Miriam and Tabitha. (all Biblical names)

depending how unusual you want, I would choose Rainbow or Hope. I also like Rosamund

Boys: again I'd chose Reuben, Timothy, Jonah, Aaron or Isaac (meaning laughter), again all Biblical, (sorry, I'm obsessed with those!)

Natalie and Nathan or Noel/Noelle are very suitable for babies born around Christmas id that's when you're due.

I'm sorry for you loss, we lost a girl (12 weeks, miscarriage) named her Yasmin

Yasmin is a beautiful name, I've always liked it. Sorry to hear about your lose

I love the name River for a girl but I dont know whether it goes with riley or Sarah? River-faith we love!

My little boy was 23 weeks which is classed a a mc. My mums baby girl was full term and lived 9 weeks

manicinsomniac Mon 12-Nov-12 16:07:19

What a lovely idea to honour those children in that way.

For a boy, how about:
Alexander Riley
Benjamin Riley
Edward Riley
Felix Riley
Joseph Riley
Jordan Riley
Nathan Riley
Oscar Riley
Patrick Riley
Thomas Riley
Tian Riley
William Riley

And for a girl you could have:
Alexis Riley
Amber Riley
Eden Riley
Ebony Riley
Farrah Riley
Genesis Riley
Hannah Riley
India Riley
Jessica Riley
Kiran Riley
Peyton Riley
Savannah Riley
Sadie Riley
Suzannah Riley

Abigail Sarah
Amelia Sarah
Bethany Sarah
Eleanor Sarah
Felicity Sarah
Georgina Sarah
Imogen Sarah
Juliette Sarah
Lydia Sarah
Matilda Sarah
Madeleine Sarah
Natalie Sarah
Rebecca Sarah
Rosemary Sarah
Verity Sarah

I like imogen and India :-).
I like- ezio and roman for a boy
Girl- river, layla, ivy and adrial non of them realtime go with riley and Sarah :-(.

Do you now names similar to them?

amazingmumof6 Mon 12-Nov-12 17:40:05

manicinsomniac, blimey somebody did their homework! grin
I love your suggestion Eden Riley for a girl

Riley if I'm honest I think of River as a boy's name - after actor River Phoenix, but should you choose River Sarah is certainly out there! smile

and if you say River Riley quickly you can not hear "R" in Riley which kind of defeats the purpose - it sound a bit like River Iley

actually any first name ending with r would be the same,

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