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Help me with my shortlist for girls please

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Ataleoftwopoppies Tue 23-Oct-12 10:13:29

We have a boys name - Leo.

But stuck for girls and 8 weeks left to go.

Thoughts please on our shortlist:

Anna (too boring?)
Sophie (too popular?)
Clemency (too posh?)
Catherine (too Kate Middleton?)

imustbepatient Tue 23-Oct-12 10:25:15

Anna is lovely but I prefer eg annabelle or Annaliese so it has a few more options and is a little different but still allows Anna as a nn.

Sophie is gorgeous although popular acc to the names stats. Mind you, I only know a couple of young children named Sophie / Sophia so it might depend on the area where you live. If you don't know many near you then it would be a great choice.

Not fond of clemency but I know lots of people would disagree with me!

Catherine is beautiful and such a classic I don't think it can really be overused and it wouldn't date. There are so many nn possibilities that even if there are a few in the same class they can all have a different nn without having to resort to 'Catherine X'.

Lovely shortlist!

Rhubarbgarden Tue 23-Oct-12 10:35:00

Anna is beautiful.

amck5700 Tue 23-Oct-12 10:51:11

With the exception of Clemency, they are all nice names.

Other suggestions would be

Annalisa to jazz Anna up a bit and gives you the choice to still use Anna (or Lisa!)
Caroline - similar to Catherine but not as popular

SWStressed Tue 23-Oct-12 10:52:47

A vote for Clemency, we have one at our school and she is the most gorgeous thing and the name is just timeless.

Gwennan Tue 23-Oct-12 11:01:56

I love all of your choices!

It just depends on what sort of name you want - timeless, classic, popular, uncommon, etc. Decide that and go from there.

IfIWereALion Tue 23-Oct-12 12:16:28

Anna is a beautiful name, love it!

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