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Registration deadline looming and STILL NO NAME!!! HELP!!!!

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rachael2401 Sun 21-Oct-12 20:10:37

Help please! I have to register our daughter this week and we are still undecided. We had a boy's name all sorted as we were both convinced it was a boy and when she was born I was soooo gobsmacked I made the midwife check she was a girl several times!!!!! We had never settled on a girls name and so decided to give it a few days to decide. Five weeks later.... We already have a Jessica. I have always loved the name Martha but suggested Anna during pregnancy which DH really liked. I thought it sounded like a well grounded person's name! DH isn't as keen on Martha due to our surname being Parsons. So I suppose what I'm asking is does Martha Parsons sound ok or not? Middle name will be Poppy if that makes a difference. DH as said we can have either ... We (i) just have to decide. I am having major issues making any decision let alone such a big one. Please help!

FarrowAndBollock Mon 19-Nov-12 17:45:42

Well done for recognising it is not about the name.

I had the exact same thing.

Get yourself feeling better and then you can decide. You can always say you decided to change as your DD1 found the other name easier to pronounce/it didn't suit her etc.

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