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Registration deadline looming and STILL NO NAME!!! HELP!!!!

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rachael2401 Sun 21-Oct-12 20:10:37

Help please! I have to register our daughter this week and we are still undecided. We had a boy's name all sorted as we were both convinced it was a boy and when she was born I was soooo gobsmacked I made the midwife check she was a girl several times!!!!! We had never settled on a girls name and so decided to give it a few days to decide. Five weeks later.... We already have a Jessica. I have always loved the name Martha but suggested Anna during pregnancy which DH really liked. I thought it sounded like a well grounded person's name! DH isn't as keen on Martha due to our surname being Parsons. So I suppose what I'm asking is does Martha Parsons sound ok or not? Middle name will be Poppy if that makes a difference. DH as said we can have either ... We (i) just have to decide. I am having major issues making any decision let alone such a big one. Please help!

NickNacks Sun 21-Oct-12 20:13:36


MrsSpencerReid Sun 21-Oct-12 20:14:39

I like Martha smile

NickNacks Sun 21-Oct-12 20:15:03

Sorry I got distracted from another thread and posted my list on yours!

From those two I think Anna sounds lovely. Martha doesn't quite flow but I don't know why.

flopsy1974 Sun 21-Oct-12 20:15:38

I have a Martha and I love it. Martha Parsons sound fine to me. Anna is a nice name but a bit plain to me. Go for Martha no doubt smile

Faverolles Sun 21-Oct-12 20:15:41

I wanted Martha if ds had been a girl.
It's a lovely name smile

SurreyWithAFringeOnTop Sun 21-Oct-12 20:15:59

Love love love Martha. I think Anna is rather dull, sorry.

tiredteddy Sun 21-Oct-12 20:18:15

Anna is pretty and goes well with Jessica as sisters. DH has cousins calked Anna and Jessica!

MollyMurphy Sun 21-Oct-12 20:25:13

I think Anna is a pretty name

Sastra Sun 21-Oct-12 20:26:14

What was the boys name you'd agreed on?!

YankeeAlphaBooingUniform Sun 21-Oct-12 20:36:06

Anna is gorgeous. Martha is a bit tedious.

justhayley Sun 21-Oct-12 20:43:19

Think Anna flows better than Martha with your middle and surname.
Have you considered Annabelle Poppy - think that works even better grin and sounds lovely with Jessica.
Good luck. My DP left it to me to decide as well - I decided on the day of registration lol. Try calling her Martha all day tomorrow & Anna (Annabelle) wink Tuesday and see what feels more natural. That's how I chose in the end (and I knew my DS was a boy from 17 weeks) lol.

eBook Sun 21-Oct-12 20:47:08

Anna is much nicer than Martha.

Or how about

Hannah Parsons
Catherine Parsons
Emma Parsons
Louisa Parsons
Melissa Parsons
Laura Parsons

imustbepatient Sun 21-Oct-12 20:59:55

Love justhayley's suggestion of annabelle. A lovely name with a bit more to it than Anna but still allows Anna as a nn if you / DD prefer that in due course.

Martha is very nice and whilst it is a bit rhyme-y with your surname it isn't too bad so if you end up choosing that then your daughter will still have a lovely name.

If all else fails flip a coin! grin

Snazzyspookyandscary Sun 21-Oct-12 21:03:59

I like both Martha and Anna though personally Anna is just lovely and would be first choice. It's the rhymey thing with Parsons that I assume is bothering you but it needn't be a big thing. Either would work.

EvenIfYouSeeAPoppy Sun 21-Oct-12 21:04:36

Anna is lovely - classic, pretty, sophisticated, underused, travels well.

I don't think Martha Parsons sounds that bad really - in fact I think it works quite well. Makes me think serious actor or Radio 4 presenter.

I do think Poppy jars with Parsons and also with either Martha or Anna alone, so how about Martha Poppy Anna or Anna Poppy Martha?

Mintyy Sun 21-Oct-12 21:06:42

I like Martha but I like Matilda marginally better.

What about Suzannah or Rosanna as an alternative to Anna?

rachael2401 Sun 21-Oct-12 21:18:37

Argh!!! Soooo hard... I feel like it's a sliding doors moment! I worry about the ryhmeyness of Martha parsons but think it is a lovely name and have liked it ever since a girl was called Martha who washed my hair in the hairdressers! Poppy is the middle name as our eldest has Polly...a little frivolous I know but there is a story. Boys name was Joseph Michael Sastra. Joseph was our boys name last time and both our dads are called Michael so that kills two birds ;) Justhayley - I've been trying them bth out but now I just think of them both. Might call her Anna slash Martha!

Think it's pretty level pegging at the moment....

AreYouAbleMabel Sun 21-Oct-12 21:49:16

I think Martha Parsons sounds is definitely not too rhymey imo. And Martha Poppy is beyond cute!

IHeartKingThistle Sun 21-Oct-12 21:53:12

Anna for me!

Bunders99 Mon 22-Oct-12 01:56:52

Martha for me! Think it sounds sweet with your surname. I'm due in 3 days and planning a Martha too. Good luck

GRW Mon 22-Oct-12 09:05:28

I prefer Anna and it goes better with Parsons.

eBook Mon 22-Oct-12 09:20:01

Anna and Martha... if you take bits of both you could have


smother Mon 22-Oct-12 10:00:39

you poor thing, i know from experience how hard it is when you can't decide on a name.... but you're in a good position as both Anna and Martha are absolutely lovely and both sound fine with your surname so you can't go wrong. I think it sounds like you have a preference for Martha... If it's a name you've always loved, go for it!

What would you prefer to be called yourself? sometimes helps to think of it like that.

Birdies Mon 22-Oct-12 10:16:46

Martha Parsons has a really lovely sound to it, gorgeous name

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