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Adele's son

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pigletpower Sun 21-Oct-12 12:36:01

What name? I think it may be a plain safe name like George or Charlie.The name Luke keeps coming to mind I don't know why.

MrsjREwing Sun 21-Oct-12 12:39:40

Yes an average name, no Romeo, Broklyn type name.

MolotovBomb Sun 21-Oct-12 12:54:15

Has the baby been born, then? Goodness me, that time has flown by! My own DD2 has just turned 6mo; I remember being heavily pg when Adele announced her pregnancy ... I'm going off on a tangent now. Suffice it to say that those months have gone by in warp speed!

Definitely agree that that he'll have an 'ordinary' non-sleb name. It will be nothing like Uma Thurman's new baby, let's put it that way!

honeytea Sun 21-Oct-12 13:41:12

I'm guessing maybe a bobby..

Dogsmom Sun 21-Oct-12 15:52:55

Is she having a boy? I reckon Frank.

Everlong Mon 22-Oct-12 20:46:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Popumpkin Mon 22-Oct-12 23:03:40

I'd guess at something a bit old-man ish but quite in fashion. Arthur, Albert, Teddy, Edwin etc. etc.

Congratulations to Adele and her DP smile

winkle2 Tue 23-Oct-12 12:30:21

She had a baby boy on Friday.

DessieLou Tue 23-Oct-12 13:51:55

I guess idea why!

TurkeyDino Tue 23-Oct-12 14:22:53

Popumkin, I read that as Tedwin. If I get a pet one day I am so calling him Tedwin!

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