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Help finding three baby names?

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slightlytipsy Sat 20-Oct-12 00:21:06

I'm having triplets! And I need naming help! I'm Greek, so any Greek names would be good, but English is fine too! Basically any name to go with Charlie and Connor.

They will be a boy and two girls. I like the idea of Eleni, Katerina, Leia, and Altheda. Eleni Annabelle? Katerina Isabelle? Leia Ariadne? Altheda Ivy? And I like Demetri, Nikalaos, but I also like Elliott, Alexander and Joshua. What do you think?

manicinsomniac Sat 20-Oct-12 09:11:38

Triplets - wow! Congratulations.

I love your name selection (though a lot of them are very very different to Charlie and Connor - don't think that matters though)

Eleni Isabelle and Katerina Ariadne would probably be my pick for the girls and Nikalaos or Alexander for the boy.

Snowflakepie Sat 20-Oct-12 10:07:38

Wow, how exciting! Of your choices I like Eleni and Katerina most, although I did know someone called Athena who was lovely. I've always had a soft spot for Persephone but don't think I would be brave enough. I like your Greek boys names more than the others tbh. It would be nice to have all three triplets with Greek names. Your other children are very English names so I think it would be a nice contrast. Good luck x

flossy101 Sat 20-Oct-12 10:09:57

Triplets! Amazing! grin

I love all your name choices and think they all go really well together! Congratulations!

slightlytipsy Sat 20-Oct-12 21:14:17

Thanks. Eleni Isabelle, Katerina Ariadne and Nikalaos Alexander? I'm just worried that, by having contrasting names, it might make them feel different-or am I seriously overthinking everything?

amck5700 Sat 20-Oct-12 21:37:27

I'd go for Alexander for the boy - it fits well with your other boys.....and then go a bit more Greek for the girls. I like Katerina and Leia best

Charlie, Connor, Alex, Katy & Leia - lovely grin

Gwennan Sun 21-Oct-12 09:05:10

As already pointed out, a lot of your current choices are very different to Charlie & Connor. That's fine as tastes change over time.

I would be inclined to give your new baby son a name that fits with his two big brothers' names (of your list, I would choose Joshua or Alexander) and your girls names that match each other in style or origin: for instance, Joshua, Katerina, and Eleni.

It's not uncommon for people to have different tastes for boys' and girls' names. I think by matching your boys' names and your girls' names, you'll feel like you have a nice 'set' and a link between each of them.

You could always then give your baby boy a more Greek-sounding middle name and perhaps the girls a more English-sounding name if you felt you wanted to tie them in better as triplets. I only know one set of boy/girl triplets and they are named Jack, Lucy, and Katie.

For what it's worth, I have a dear British/Cypriot friend named Katerina who sometimes goes by Nina. She pronounces her name kat-er-ee-nuh but often finds people calling her kat-ree-nuh.

slightlytipsy Sun 21-Oct-12 12:28:53

I like Nina as a nickname for Katerina, but I've also wanted a Katy or a Kat. I guess it depends on their personality for their nickname though.

Charlie, Connor, Alex, Katy/Kat/Nina and either Leia or Eleni.

Before choosing Eleni, I need to think of a nickname I like. I don't like Ellie or Ella (sorry to anyone called Ellie or Ella, it's just personal opinions), though I could be prepared to go with Elle or Lena (I knew a few girls from Greece called Eleni with the nickname Lena).

I agree that it might be too much of a contrast, but I'd like to give them a Greek name as its such a big part, and recently, DH and I have been thinking about moving (we're part of international businesses, so we wouldn't have to worry about finding jobs there, though the other costs will be hard), though not for many years if ever.

Alexander Nikalaos seems like a name we're certain on. Alexander is a vaguely Greek name anyway, so it doesn't matter too much. I can imagine calling a little boy Alex or Xander maybe, and my family would probably call him Nikalaos (they seem to do that for boys? It's a bit odd) anyway. And if we don't move to Greece, he won't stick out as much.

Katy Annabelle? Katerina Annabelle? I'm struggling to find a name which fits with all the possible nicknames, and I'm not sure if I even should be trying to find a name to fit with all possible nicknames.

Katy Rose? Katerina Rose?

Sorry, DH and I are completely unimaginative at names.

winkle2 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:36:12

Adore Eleni and Leia - congrats on your triplets!

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Oct-12 12:41:28

I Know a Ulysses. Fabulous.

cece Sun 21-Oct-12 12:42:28

I love Alethea or just Thea

frogchops Sun 21-Oct-12 13:58:49

Katerina Rose is beautiful! My other pick would be Isabelle Leia. And for your boy, Alexander James. Congratulations!!

aufaniae Sun 21-Oct-12 14:52:51

Eleni Isabelle, Katerina Ariadne and Alexander Nikalaos sounds great to me smile

Love Eleni in particular.

ChestyNutterStaringInTheWindow Sun 21-Oct-12 23:24:34

Katerina is pretty , love Thea.
Also like Litza ( Greek friends name)

Popumpkin Sun 21-Oct-12 23:48:06

Congratulations! I love the name Eleni - there was a little Eleni at DS2's primary school & I always thought how pretty it was smile.

Have you consider Andreas for a boy? Or Maria for a girl? Altheda nn Thea is also nice. Do Charlie or Connor have greek middle names? If so, the new babies having a mix of greek and english names won't seem too different.

blonderthanred Mon 22-Oct-12 06:46:22

The (Greek) Eleni I know is always just Eleni, no one shortens it to Ellie etc.

Love Katerina and Demetri as well.

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