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If you didn't use your fave name do you now wish you had?

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wildpoppy Thu 11-Oct-12 17:04:28

Dh thinks if we don't use my face name, which he is unconvinced by, in a year or so I'll turn round and say phew, so pleased you don't let me use that slightly silly posh name.

Did that happen to you or do you still wish you'd used your favourite?

NellyBluth Thu 11-Oct-12 17:15:51

TBh I don't think any of my favourite names got anywhere near the discussion!

I'm actually glad. DD has a name I would never have picked for her in a million years if I had been naming her myself. But it was a compromise at the time.

Because it wasn't a name I'd have even considered, really, it feels as though it is especially her name - as if we were handed a baby and told her name was 'X'. I sometimes think if I have given her a name I'd adored for so long it would have more attached to it, and so it would feel less like her name. If that makes any sense!

Emphaticmaybe Thu 11-Oct-12 17:21:27

I loved a particular girl's name from about the age of 15. My first child was a boy and then I had twin girls. For some reason it felt wrong to bestow one twin with my favourite ever name so we ended up choosing two completely new ones. Our fourth child was a girl and I did consider using it then, but DH felt the time had passed and we should choose a new one. To be fair I really liked his suggestion.

I still love the original name and to some extent regret not using it for DC4 as it remains fairly unusual whereas the name we used is really popular.

If you love it and have for a long time I would use it - it's obviously special to you for a reason.

Minty82 Thu 11-Oct-12 20:54:03

Curious now Emphatic - what was your longstanding favourite?
We did use my favourite name I least it's still a name I get a kick out of saying, and seeing written down, and even though it's incredibly popular I still think it's gorgeous and am thrilled we chose it (forgive the excessive excitement - only 7 months into parenthood!). None of my more offbeat choices got near the drawing board, but I'm not sure there was one I preferred.

mayanna123 Thu 11-Oct-12 21:08:46

If you LOVE the name, if it sounds good with your surname and if the name isn't already used by lots others then chances are that it will be a good choice, which you might regret if you don't use it.

AuntieShirley Thu 11-Oct-12 23:07:36

I wanted to call 11 year old dd Persephone. We didn't. We called her my other favourite name (Iris). Sometimes I wish we had gone with Persephone, although Iris really suits her, I do so love Persephone.
I think you should go with the name you really love.

TeaDr1nker Thu 11-Oct-12 23:11:06

I have a favourite name, unfortunately if we had used it DD initials would be DIC! Not really a winner

Still love the name though.

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