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Are our names silly???

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BexGershon Wed 10-Oct-12 20:56:57

Hello all,

I am very new to this so sorry if my message isn't in the style that your all used to.
I just wanted some help with names as I find people pulled a "ughhh" face or just say "aaaaar how lovelllyyyy " to my names but I would love some true honest opinions!
We love the names Rocco or Eli with the middle name Parker or Talulah with the middle name Poppy for a girl.
We are a young Jewish couple and would like something unusual, we loveddddd the name Noah but its everywhere I turn now.

If you have any other ideas for names please help!!

Thank you all xxx

RTchoke Thu 11-Oct-12 10:25:26

I love Eli, we are thinking of using Elias and Eli for short. Other Old Testament boys names which I love are Reuben, Saul and Isaac.

I am not terribly keen of Parker as it sounds like surname and therefore very American to use it as a first name.

Rocco just screams Madonna to me.

I actually like Tallulah although I am aware it is a marmite name. I love Bugsy and I knew an amazing young girl called Tallulah shortened to Lullah.

MoonHare Thu 11-Oct-12 13:40:42

Eli is Ok, and flows nicely with Parker. Not keen on Rocco sounds a bit ostentatious. Probably because of the similarity to the word rococo

Tallulah also makes me think 'precocious', because of the Bugsey Malone thing, but that may just be me showing my age. Poppy is a bit too cutesy for me, as flower names go Iris is still pretty but sounds stronger.

Noah has risen in popularity in recent years but is not massively common as say Harry or George so he might not be in the same class as any others. Jonah is a good alternative suggestion.

If you like Tallulah and like biblical names what about Tabitha?

badtime Thu 11-Oct-12 17:15:35

What about Noa for a girl? (if you like Noah but don't want to use it for a boy - I think in the bible she is actually 'Noah', but the spelling without an 'h' is more common for girls)

I like Tallulah, though.

wildpoppy Thu 11-Oct-12 18:25:02

Great names

mathanxiety Thu 11-Oct-12 19:25:55

Rocco is very Italian Catholic. I don't know if that would be offputting for you but it has that cultural connection. It has also been adopted by the hip crowd because of the Rock syllable indicating music/rock n roll, etc., but Rocco is an Italian saint and a v traditional name, v old mannish.

Eli is lovely. (But for a boy, not a girl).

Parker is a terribly bland, white bread and mayonnaise (look at 'Hannah and Her Sisters'), anonymous American suburbia sort of name.

Tallulah as a bit of pzazz about it. Nice.

I find Poppy incredibly insipid and not a strong name. It's a good name for a pet.

There are many gorgeous modern Israeli names, and plenty of great names from traditional Jewish sources. It seems a shame to go for names so random and without significance to you, or with significance in another culture.

OrangeFireandGoldashes Thu 11-Oct-12 20:51:09

I work with a Tallulah (never shortened) and she is one of the poshest people I know! She's lovely, and very intelligent, but she is full-on huntin' shootin' fishin' set so not at all chavvy.

twooter Fri 12-Oct-12 13:42:53

I like tallulah, but wouldn't be brave enough to use it. I can imagine it on an extrovert child, but could an introvert live up to her name?

glendathegoodwitch Fri 12-Oct-12 14:05:28

i have a Tallulah and adore the name - i get sooo many lovely comments about it so i am totally biased!!!

Tallulah poppy is lovely.

sparkle12mar08 Fri 12-Oct-12 18:17:36

My "true honest opinion" is that Tallulah screams chav and prostitute, as mentioned by others up thread. Rocco is iffy, frankly and Parker is just meh. Poppy is boring and grossly over used. There are hundreds, thousands even, of better names out there, surely you can come up with some you both like?

Bonsoir Fri 12-Oct-12 18:25:09

My DP is Jewish and we know a lot of people with Jewish first names. I like:

boys: Ariel, David, Simon
girls: Tsipora

wigglesrock Fri 12-Oct-12 19:55:50

A babys name likened to a prostitute only on fuckin' Mumsnet angry. I like Noah, it was on my shortlist when I had dd3, I also like it for a girl, but I really like Parker grin for either.

If you love a name, you love a name [shrug], I have 3 daughters, all of who have popular names, I don't regret a single one of them, they're my childrens name - I think they're gorgeous. In fact my dd3 (20 months) has begun to call one of her big sisters Lou Lou (her name is actually Olivia) but it was a nickname that just came naturally.

As an aside I'm in NI and I know quite a few Roccos.

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