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louis or louie ?

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bethjoanne Mon 01-Oct-12 19:21:52

hi i love the name louie/louis for a boy.
which spelling do you prefer?

LemonBreeland Wed 03-Oct-12 14:44:32

Louis, yes there are some who will say Lewis, but it is wrong.

poppydaisy Wed 03-Oct-12 20:52:57

So all the Swedes, Norweigans, Dutch, Germans, Swiss that pronounce Louis as Lou-is are wrong grin?!

And are we Brits wrong for pronouncing many foreign names with an English accent and pronunciation?

And are the French wrong for pronouncing English names in a French way?

DejaB00 Sun 04-Nov-12 13:46:56

Louis is Loo-ee
If you want a Loo-is then spell it Lewis.
Yes poppydaisy they are wrong. I work with dozens of foreign people and I always make sure that I know how to pronounce their names from day 1. It's not difficult and it's common courtesy.

KatyAnn28 Sun 04-Nov-12 13:54:56

My DN is Lewis. I would always pronounce Louis "Loo-ee" unless told otherwise.

sonniboo Sun 04-Nov-12 20:32:17

Of course Louis can be pronounced phonetically as Lou-is, just like Thomas is pronounced Thom-as.

Just because the French don't pronounce their 's' (and say Thom-a) doesn't mean the rest of us can't grin. As poppy said, Louis is a popular name in Germany where it is pronounced Lou-is, just as it is in the US.

mathanxiety Sun 04-Nov-12 21:04:14

Louis. Pronounced Louie. Lewis is another name entirely.

sonniboo Sun 04-Nov-12 21:26:51

But Lewis only works in English. A German/Swede/Dutch would pronounce it Leh-vis. Louis, on the other hand, would be pronounced Lou-is, as it is written.

(and Louie would always be Lou-ie, in all languages).

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 04-Nov-12 22:09:51

I would say spell it Louis. I honestly never knew that anyone other than Americans said Lewis not Loo-ee! In terms of English as a first language countries I mean.

sonny Lewis also works in Welsh,as it is a Welsh name,actually. And we all manage with Ewelina as it is spelt in various different countries,I'm sure Germans etc can get their heads around Lewis.

bigbluebump Sun 04-Nov-12 22:35:16

I think Louis looks nicer than Lewis and works better in other languages, whether pronounced the French (Lou-ie) or English/Germanic (Lou-is) way.

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