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Arghh 37 weeks and still no name for DD2...

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imustbepatient Sun 30-Sep-12 21:42:34

I'm 37 weeks today and we still don't have a name for our DD2. I know some people don't feel worried about having the name ready but we have to get her passport ASAP after she is born as have a big family trip to attend hence we don't have the luxury of taking our time after she is born.

I think we have managed to narrow the first name options down to:


For middle names one is fixed as Marilyn (family name) but all other female family names (that we would consider using!) are taken. We definitely want two middle names as a family tradition hence please can you help with your views on the first names ( feel free to suggest others we might like) plus please suggest any middle names you think would go nicely. Surname is two syllables starting with E.

Thank you!

baskingseals Sun 30-Sep-12 21:57:59

out of your list my favourites are Helena and Alexandra. I also like Natalia, which Natasha is the derivative of.

middle names are fun. i think a short name would flow well.
what about






baskingseals Sun 30-Sep-12 21:58:56

just thought of



MadBusLady Sun 30-Sep-12 22:15:09

I do like a precise brief. smile

I like Helena and Thalia from your list, not so keen on the other two - Natasha feels slightly dated to me and Alexandra is just close to my own name (which I don't like). Some other names I like that I think are similar to yours:

I'm thinking the other middle name can only be one or two syllables, because all your existing chosen names are three or more, eg.

Helena Marilyn Vita
Helena Daisy Marilyn
Thalia Zoe Marilyn
Thalia Marilyn Rose

A few other 1/2 syllables that might work:

MoelFammau Mon 01-Oct-12 01:28:42

Natasha. Because of Natty, which reminds me of the funky heroine in the Journey of Natty Gann Disney film. Had a crush on her as a young girl - she had a wolf y'know. Sigh.

But I digress. Great name though, and I don't know any. Helena and Alexandra are nice but don't seem to have the same kick, to me at least.

Thalia. Pr. Tallia or Thalia? I know one from Germany who is pr. Tallia so Thalia sounds weird to my ears. Tallia has Tally as a nn, which I do like.

So, my vote is Natasha Marilyn Judith E------.

For what it's worth.

imustbepatient Mon 01-Oct-12 11:20:39

Many thanks everyone, great feedback and some lovely suggestions to consider too. Thalia is pronounced with a silent 'h' so sounds like tah-lia. Hadn't considered the 'h' at the beginning could be confusing but not sure if Talia looks right? Any thoughts?

Also now reconsidering Natalia from one of the posts above, as it is similar to Natasha but also gives the option of Talia/Thalia as a nn.

manicinsomniac Mon 01-Oct-12 12:12:34

I love Natasha and Alexandra, definitely two of my favourite names.

Thalia is ok. I'm not keen on Helena really.

Middle names:
Natasha Jade
Natasha May
Natasha Marie
Natasha Faye

Alexandra Rose
Alexandra Hope
Alexandra Skye

Thalia Grace
Thalia Anne
Thalia Jane

Helena Claire
Helena Faith
Helena Nicole

Other similar first names:
Alexis, Anastasia, Annabelle, Arabella, Hannah, Harmony, Harriet, Henrietta, Natalie, Natalia, Naomi, Thea, Tabitha, Sasha, Clarissa, Cassandra, Anoushka, Miranda, Matilda, Rebecca, Sophia

surfingluby Mon 01-Oct-12 12:21:09

Thalia Helena Marilyn
Helena Thalia Marilyn
Stick with the correct spelling of Thalia, it's beautiful!
Good luck with the birth, you'll take one look at her and know what to call her........your list is beautiful so one name with pop into your head when you meet her :-)

BlueChampagne Mon 01-Oct-12 12:41:53

I like Natasha and Helena best from your list, and would like to throw the following into the mix

Corinna, Meryl, Meredith, Rhiannon, Tamsin, Fiona

MoelFammau Tue 02-Oct-12 00:31:33

Rhiannon I LOVE. I wanted it so so much for DD but my German in-laws just couldn't get their heads around it.

fanjodisfunction Tue 02-Oct-12 08:38:56

I know a Thalia, she is a beautiful girl. I love that name. I think Thalia "short middle name" Marilyn "lastname" would sound great.

Middle name suggestions

Iris (means rainbow)
Anne (classic)
Jane (classic)
Clare (biased)

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