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flowerygirl Fri 28-Sep-12 13:13:10

I'm currently expecting and struggling to come up with boys names both me and me and DH like! We want something strong and masculline. We both like Truman but wonder if people won't like it! Really value your opinions and any other boys name suggestions!

shoobidoo Fri 28-Sep-12 13:17:02

I don't know anyone called Truman, so have no associations. Meaning seems nice - "faithful man".
Does it go with your surname?

shoobidoo Fri 28-Sep-12 13:18:10

Regarding people liking it - once they meet your ds introduced as Truman, they will most certainly start to like it as they associate it with a person, probably a cute, lovely one smile.

seeker Fri 28-Sep-12 13:20:20

"Regarding people liking it - once they meet your ds introduced as Truman, they will most certainly start to like it as they associate it with a person, probably a cute, lovely one ."

And they'll be too polite to tell you they don't like it, even if they do!

HecateHarshPants Fri 28-Sep-12 13:21:54

Makes me think of the film, of course, but nothing wrong with that. Many names make you think of films. or tv, or presenters, or musicians...

Don't care for the name itself though. But that doesn't matter either. It only matters that the two of you like it, not what other people think.

If we only named our children things that met with universal approval, they'd all be called, well, they'd all be called Name Pending, cos there aren't any grin

strong masculine names, well, traditional names, I think.
abe grin

click here and have a look through, loads of names here

shoobidoo Fri 28-Sep-12 13:23:09

Well, I have started liking a name purely because it was attached to a lovely (or several lovely) person/people.

Equally, we often don't like names because we associate them with negative characters (e.g. Adolf, etc.)

mayanna123 Fri 28-Sep-12 13:29:52

Well said, Hecate. Life is much more interesting (and easier!) if we all choose different names for our children - there are enough little Harrys and Jacks out there imo. And thankfully we all have different tastes in names smile.

I know of one Truman who is Canadian and he is lovely so I like the name. It isn't that widely used in the UK - which should be a good thing as he won't have to share his name with lots of others.

goodsenseofdirection Fri 28-Sep-12 13:42:35

For me, as a londoner, it means the former London Truman's brewery and revived beer brand - just something to think about if you live or are likely to live anywhere near.

But it's not a bad name in itself - and really unusual which is definitely a bonus. Agree with shoobidoo that it's more about the person than the association.

HolyAutumnGoldBatman Fri 28-Sep-12 15:08:38



LittlePandaBear Fri 28-Sep-12 19:43:41

Well it's my surname and hadn't thought of it as a first name before - but why not? smile

I married into it and have never had problems with it, except people try to spell it withn an e so Trueman.

Go for it, as long as it goes with your surname!

mathanxiety Sat 29-Sep-12 06:07:59

I really like it.

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 29-Sep-12 06:10:48

I love it. It makes me think of Truman Capote who wrote Breakfast at Tiffanys'

DorisIsWaiting Sat 29-Sep-12 06:22:15

Makes me think of Jim Carey (not a good association in my book).

I love Hecate's suggestion of Abe

nooka Sat 29-Sep-12 06:31:15

It's a surname. I really don't understand the trend to use surnames as first names. It makes me think of Harry Truman and the start of the Cold War (the Truman Doctrine) so not a good association in my mind.

I like Abraham/Abe too, but of course we all have different ideas about names, and that is, in general a good thing.

Ilovedaintynuts Sat 29-Sep-12 06:31:42

My cat is called Truman.

Nospringflower Sat 29-Sep-12 06:34:36

I like it but immediately thought American, Jim Carey(Truman Show) , and President Truman. So like it but a bit American comic surnamey for me grin.

flowerygirl Sat 29-Sep-12 12:14:31

Thanks everyone! I mentioned the name to my Mum and she really wasn't very keen at all! I know it's our choice but I don't want to name the baby something I know from the offset she doesn't like!

How about Anderson? I really like Hunter as well. Thoughts?

Our surname is Jeffrey so a boy will always sound like it's got two first names!

KnickersNotPanties Sat 29-Sep-12 12:17:23

Will he have a show??

Badgerina Sat 29-Sep-12 12:32:24

I really like it. DH and I considered using it. This will probs out me, but our surname is North, so we'd have had "True North" grin

Narked Sat 29-Sep-12 23:28:39

If you go for a surname sounding first name, with Jeffrey as your surname, it might sound a little back to front. Anderson Jeffrey makes me want to reverse it.

nooka Sat 29-Sep-12 23:41:47

If your child has a relatively common first name as his surname, and a not particularly unusual surname as first name then people will get it wrong all the time. I think your son will end up being addressed as 'Jeffrey' on a regular basis which would be very annoying for him.

I don't really understand why you are so keen on using a surname as your son's first name. It makes me think of public school teachers.

mathanxiety Sun 30-Sep-12 01:56:19

I agree with those points -- people will think your DS is writing his name continental stylee.

Nothing wrong with a name like John Jeffrey, Daniel Jeffrey, Peter Jeffrey, etc.

AKissIsNotAContract Sun 30-Sep-12 07:14:52

I love Hunter as well. I'm not so keen on Anderson. How about Harrison?

flowerygirl Sun 30-Sep-12 09:31:17

I do like Harrison! But I know so many babies with that name.

My husband and his brother have very ordinary first names i.e Paul/Daniel and still get called Jeffrey by mistake. Feel like it will happen regardless so we should just choose what we want.

I agree Anderson does sound more back to front than the usual though! Bottom line is I want a masculine uncommon name that isn't 'weird' for the sake of it, which is hard!

How about Conrad? Carter?

Flimflammery Sun 30-Sep-12 09:36:04

Why do you keep coming up with surnames? Are you American? Conrad and Carter are both surnames too! And Carter is another US president!

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