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Middle name for Willow?

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MacMac123 Wed 26-Sep-12 19:34:23

This is our name for DD1 due in a month. Just stuck on middle names, any thoughts?
The names I like are quite botanical/nature inspired, ie Wren, Lark, Skye but what with Willow being a tree think its a bit much

Options so far are

Willow Belle
Willow Rose (too botanical?!)
Willow Pearl

PamBeesly Wed 26-Sep-12 19:35:55

Willow Rose just sounds beautiful

jaffacakehips Wed 26-Sep-12 20:21:35

Willow Blossom - too much?

Willow Rose is lovely.

Kazriina Wed 26-Sep-12 20:22:58

Willow Jade?

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Wed 26-Sep-12 20:27:51

Willow Mae/May?

I do like willow rose too.

MacMac123 Wed 26-Sep-12 20:29:35

Ooh I like Willow Mae as an option. Or May!
Still sort of botanical/natural though.
I also like Blossom but perhaps it is too much!

scentednappyhag Wed 26-Sep-12 20:30:23

Willow Whisp? grin
I think Willow Wren sounds nice, but maybe too many W's when written down?

EarnestDullard Wed 26-Sep-12 21:54:47

Willow Grace (although I think Grace is quite popular as a middle name atm, if that puts you off)
Willow Violet
Willow Daisy
Willow Sage

BetteDavis01 Wed 26-Sep-12 21:59:22

Willow Louisa / Louise
Willow Victoria
Willow Elizabeth

Aspiemum2 Wed 26-Sep-12 22:00:45

Willow Rose is beautiful, love it grin

Autumnalis Wed 26-Sep-12 22:02:52

I'd go for something more traditional for middle name.

No more Mae/May!

cheesesarnie Wed 26-Sep-12 22:04:59

I have a cat called willow! ds2 was going to be ruby willow if he was a she.

willow esme
willow elinor
willow lola
willow amy

thegreylady Wed 26-Sep-12 22:09:08

Willow Wren was a fleet of narrow boats in the hey day of the canals.

thegreylady Wed 26-Sep-12 22:10:16

Willow Mary sounds nice I think.

uptherear Wed 26-Sep-12 22:28:13

Willow Fern
Willow Ivy
Willow Eve
Willow Berry (bit much? but it rills nicely off the tongue!)
Willow Anne
Willow Belle

Think i like Willow Eve best. I also have nature type names for my dds. Willow was on my list too! And I used Belle as a middle name! But with Willow I like Eve.

uptherear Wed 26-Sep-12 22:28:53

or rolls of the tongue...

baskingseals Wed 26-Sep-12 22:28:58

lovely name.

what about Willow Joy

Willow Saffron

Willow Lilac

winkle2 Wed 26-Sep-12 23:53:03

Please no more may or rose for middle names!

whatagreatname Wed 26-Sep-12 23:58:51

I have a dd called Willow Rose (Rose is a family name and didn't really give a thought it was too botanical)

I have only ever had lovely comments about dd's name and she is the only Willow in her large primary school which is a good thing imo

IHeartKingThistle Thu 27-Sep-12 00:02:33

Willow Sage is Pink's baby!

I like Willow Elizabeth. I think it could take quite a long middle name.

monsterchild Thu 27-Sep-12 00:06:14


Solo Thu 27-Sep-12 00:13:00

I have a Willow and one of her middle names is Grace. I chose Grace as a second middle name because my Dad said Willow Grace sounded like Willow Grange which it does...
I rather like Willow Rose or Willow Eve...but I know of a Willow Jean and I think that is fab too!

Tryingtothinkofnewsnazzyname Thu 27-Sep-12 00:13:03

I love Elizabeth, but don't think it or L names go well after Willow. E names in general, or A names, might just run into Willow if you're saying the whole thing. G or J would be a good following sound, or another consonant perhaps?

Jean / Jane / Genevieve
Tess / Teresa
Maria / Miranda ?

I think anything that sounds like you're pursing a botanic 'theme' (May, Rose) runs the risk of making Willow itself sound gimmicky, which would be a pity as it's a lovely name.

Tryingtothinkofnewsnazzyname Thu 27-Sep-12 00:14:11

A couple more

Willow Susan or Susannah
Willow Katherine / Catherine

Solo Thu 27-Sep-12 00:15:23

See, my Willow has a grand total of 5 L's in her full name! and it sounds fine.

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