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Boys mn to go with Noah?

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wkmmum Wed 19-Sep-12 23:18:50

Mn was going to be James but now I'm not so sure. But I can't think of another name.

Any ideas? xx

YouMayLogOut Wed 19-Sep-12 23:37:40

Noah Jacob
Noah Samuel
Noah Henry
Noah Luke
Noah William
Noah Alexander
Noah Matthew
Noah Daniel
Noah Michael
Noah Dominic
Noah Gabriel
Noah David
Noah George

SilkStalkings Thu 20-Sep-12 09:47:25

Our Noah has 2 middle names (2 syllables each) and a single syllable surname. We love chanting his whole name out, really annoys him. And his nickname is the first 2 letters of all of his name put together, sounds like a Pokemon.

justhayley Thu 20-Sep-12 20:21:58

I have a Noah James, think it works really nicely with j names

Noah Jake
Noah jack maybe

12ylnon Mon 24-Sep-12 20:00:53

Mine is Noah Elliott

weaselm4 Mon 24-Sep-12 20:02:31

Noah Joseph.

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