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Otto? Is my DH crazy?

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emmyloo2 Wed 19-Sep-12 04:44:37

My DH keeps insisting that Otto should be on our short list for DC2 if this baby is a boy. He "discovered" it in his family tree which is full of awful Serbian names. Otto was the only one that was even remotely usuable.

I think it's quite ridiculous and that the poor child would be laughed out of the playground. DS1 is George.

Is my DH nuts? His first preference for a boy is Felix. Then Otto. Really??

What does the Mumsnet jury think? Ridiculous??!

Jacksmania Wed 19-Sep-12 05:27:21



George and... Otto???

Just... no.

Jacksmania Wed 19-Sep-12 05:29:13

Errmmm... I meant, yes, it's ridiculous.

The "sorry" was "sorry your DH is being ridiculous".

I've had wine. I hope that clears that up.

Greekstartedit Wed 19-Sep-12 05:29:19

I know an Otto. His parents are German or Dutch or something do it suits not sure about George and Otto though.

Merlion Wed 19-Sep-12 05:41:53


MadameCastafiore Wed 19-Sep-12 06:20:47

I think it's a fab name. I know only one Otto, I know 5 kids called Felixstowe!

brandysoakedbitch Wed 19-Sep-12 06:23:29

Dreadful - sorry

exoticfruits Wed 19-Sep-12 06:33:22

Another dreadful.

HollyMadison Wed 19-Sep-12 06:47:50

I actually love it! It is also nice to have a family connection. It reminds me of the name Felix, which I saw is your first choice after I thought that. The only slight reservation is that it sounds very germanic and in George you have a very "English" name. But I don't think your DH is crazy!

Puffykins Wed 19-Sep-12 06:51:50

I love Otto, it's the name one of my friends has given her son.

littlebluechair Wed 19-Sep-12 06:53:55

Otto is a great name, it goes fine with George.

Your DH has better taste than MN smile and Felix is a cat food these days, no getting round it.

chimchar Wed 19-Sep-12 06:54:32

i love it. doesn't go with george admittedly, but i like it none the less!

It is also the name of the bus driver in the simpsons. just so that you know!

BoyMeetsWorld Wed 19-Sep-12 06:58:44

I love it too! Lovely both for a LO or older, sounds both cute and distinguished at the same time. Yes it's unusual (in this country) but I can't think of any awful nicknames from it or anything...

malovitt Wed 19-Sep-12 07:03:42

George is a really dull name. Sorry.
Felix very common around here.
Otto is fab.

LizLemon007 Wed 19-Sep-12 07:08:23

it really doesn't go with george but i don't find it a ridiculous name! Loads of Hugos, milos and Brunos out there. there's nothing i haven't heard.

Gio (Jo) or /georgie wouldn't sound mad with Otto.

KnickersNotPanties Wed 19-Sep-12 07:10:06

Otto and KKKKKken.... reminds me of a Fish Called Wanda...

LizLemon007 Wed 19-Sep-12 07:10:13

lol at the bus driver from the simpsons!

also, anne frank's father I think.

noteventhebestdrummer Wed 19-Sep-12 07:10:37

It's palindromic, it's fab!

CornishKK Wed 19-Sep-12 07:14:13

Love it. I like Felix too.

Doesn't particularly "go" with George but matching names are for goldfish not children.

TudorJess Wed 19-Sep-12 07:20:03

I don't like it.

EdMcDunnough Wed 19-Sep-12 07:20:20

Beautiful name...we know a little one. smile

emmyloo2 Wed 19-Sep-12 07:34:11

Hmm...mixed reaction.

I had to love at "malovitt" saying "George is a very dull name". We already have a George but I can assure you he is anything but dull, even if his name is.

I am not convinced about Otto. I think I would feel a little silly introducing him in the supermarket. "This is Otto" hmm

But then again I have proposed Hucklberry and Humphrey which are quite absurd.

Leftwingharpie Wed 19-Sep-12 07:40:58

At least spell it Huckleberry if you do! I like Otto myself, it's one of those sturdy sounding names that nonetheless suits all ages.

RustyBear Wed 19-Sep-12 07:42:24

This is the second 'Otto' baby name thread on Mumsnet within a couple of months, so it may not be as uncommon as people think.

I could never think of it except in Graham Chapman's voice

emmyloo2 Wed 19-Sep-12 07:46:26

Sorry yes meant Huckleberry. And it's a bit tongue in cheek really because although I like "quirky" names even I would draw the line at naming a child Huckleberry. (even though it's super cute!)

What about Otis? Is that a bit more mainstream??

God baby naming is impossible. I am always searching for that perfect name which is not common but recognised, but slightly quirky, but then not try-hard....and then you have to "match" it to George, which is distinctly English.


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