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Opinions and suggestions please

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FatimaLovesBread Mon 03-Sep-12 18:46:45

Could you tell me what the list below make you think, good or not too bad. And any names suggestions would be great. I can't find any names that jump out and make me think "that's the one".

We want at least one middle name so suggestions for those would be good too

Ideally we want a bit of a shortlist pre-birth to then pick from post-birth

Thanks smile

Alanah/Alana or Lana


BorisTheBold Mon 03-Sep-12 18:52:40

Lara - Nice
Alanah/Alana or Lana - Alana/h meh but do like Lana (possibly more than Lara
Meredith - nope
Juno - was fab, but ruined by film
Matilda - pretty common
Tamara - horrid
Lois - Fave *but I have one
Marnie - was on my shortlist, I love, love, love it
Nora/Norah - horrid
Seren - really nice *middle name of one of my dd's
Nola - nope
Cameron - surname, not first name

Roman - ok
Seth - nope
Rory/Ruari - really like this
Aneirin - ?! nope
Jasper - ok
Rafferty - nope
Louis - nope
Finn - nope
Flynn - ok
Malachi - not unless you're Irish
Ned - no, no, no!
Ralph - = vomit
Jonas - Bros, nope

TudorJess Mon 03-Sep-12 19:04:42

Lara - like as nn for Larissa
Alanah/Alana or Lana - like, particularly spelled Alannah
Meredith - OK
Juno - try-hard
Matilda - dislike
Tamara - OK
Lois - OK, or how about Louise/Louisa?
Marnie - nice as a nickname
Nora/Norah - don't like
Seren - not keen, but like Serena
Nola - middle-aged
Cameron - a boy's name

Roman - don't like, too soldiery
Seth - like
Rory/Ruari - like
Aneirin - don't like
Jasper - OK
Rafferty - too frilly
Louis - not keen
Finn - dislike
Flynn - dislike
Malachi - like
Ned - don't like, but Ted as nn for Edward is OK
Ralph - don't like
Jonas - don't like

RancerDoo Mon 03-Sep-12 19:10:51

I like a lot of the girls names you've listed, esp norah, seren, lois. Marnie is ok. Not that keen on the others (but have you considered Edith which is my current favourite name...? ).

I don't like any boys names (not just the ones you have listed) so won't comment on those!!

Clargo55 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:14:26


Alanah/Alana or Lana - Love Lana on its own
Meredith - Really dislike
Juno - Have you seen the film?
Matilda - Like nickname tilly is cute
Tamara - Not a fan
Lois - Like
Marnie - Dislike
Nora/Norah - ok
Seren - Lovely
Nola - Ok
Cameron - Boys name


Roman - Ok
Seth - Lovely
Rory/Ruari - Love but would spell as Rory
Aneirin - Dislike
Jasper - Like
Rafferty - Dislike
Louis - Dislike
Finn - Very popular here
Flynn - Not keen
Malachi - Ok
Ned - Dislike
Ralph - Hate
Jonas - Lovely

Clargo55 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:15:46

What about Reuben for a boy? Or Edie (Edith) for a girl?


FatimaLovesBread Mon 03-Sep-12 20:02:57

Thanks for the comments so far

I don't really like Larissa, feels a bit frilly to me, not sure why. And Louise is my middle name so wouldn't be an option.
We had though about Edie as a middle name as my GM was called Edith
I quite like Reuben.

Why is it so hard?! DH has had no opinion at all so far, I seem to be the pickiest one so I may just give him my shortlist and let him pick from it

Yika Mon 03-Sep-12 20:06:16

I actually like Meredith, for its slightly androgynous quality.

iGaveUpTeaToControlCats Mon 03-Sep-12 20:22:31

Lara - I love this name; my little sister was named after her and I associate it with Dr Zhivago which for me lends a lot of charm!
Alanah/Alana or Lana - don't like
Meredith - I associate this name with a singer in a theatre company I adore, so yes. I like agree with Yika that it does have an androgynous quality, which I like.
Juno - Okay, I prefer June but if you want it as a reference to a Roman goddess then I suppose...
Matilda - lovely
Tamara - yes, and Tammie and Mara are really sweet nicknames
Lois - not so fond
Marnie - no
Nora/Norah - I like Nora as a spelling, and I really like it as a name
Seren - no
Nola - okay
Cameron - I love this as a girl's name and a boy's name, so yes

Roman - yes, I really like this as a name
Seth - yes
Rory/Ruari - yes, spelt Rory I think. Ruari to me seems a little pretentious.
Aneirin - I don't like it
Jasper - Yes
Rafferty - no
Louis - is this pronounced Lou-ee or Lou-iss...but I like it.
Finn - yes
Flynn - yes, less than Finn I think.
Malachi - no
Ned - if short for Edward then yes. On its own, I am less sure.
Ralph - okay
Jonas - lovely, so sweet

Hope it helped x

mathanxiety Mon 03-Sep-12 20:32:46

Lara -- LOVE; short and sweet and light and with a slightly German feel to it like Clara.
Alanah/Alana or Lana -- Like Alana a lot; has a lovely meaning in Irish.
*LANA is a different name imo, more of a grown up name, makes me think sultry actress and not child or granny.
Meredith -- Dislike; clunky sounding and a bit harsh to my ear.
Juno -- Like; short and sassy, a classical name that sounds modern.
Matilda -- LOVE, and love Tilda as a nn. Nice solid Germanic name that is still feminine but avoids being fluffy.
Tamara -- Like; underused biblical name.
Lois -- Dislike; sounds prim to me.
Marnie -- Really dislike; rhymes with sarnie, sounds like a blowsy waitress in a greasy diner.
Nora/Norah -- LOVE; lovely as nn for Honor/Honora and also on its own. Feminine but not fluffy.
Seren -- LOVE; sweet Welsh name with lovely meaning.
Nola -- LOVE; short and sweet and light, like Lara, but has a Jazz feel to it too. Sounds modern without at all falling into the same category as Maddison and Peyton. Lovely as a nn for the Irish name Finola or on its own.
Cameron -- DISLIKE for a girl. Better for a boy.

Roman -- Like a lot; very solid international name.
Seth -- DISLIKE; to me this is what snakes would say, if snakes could sssspeak.
Rory/Ruari -- LOVE; great Irish and Scottish name. Conveys 'all boy' sort of boy to me.
Aneirin -- ABSOLUTELY ADORE; fabulous Welsh name, Nye is a great nn.
Jasper -- Like but associate it somewhat with Irish setters.
Rafferty -- DISLIKE; reminds me of the term 'riff raff'. Just a random Irish surname unless it's a family name.
*Much prefer Raftery, after the great Irish poet Antoine O Raifteiri (1784-1835).
Louis -- LOVE; another international name, like Roman.
Finn -- MEH; too popular now in all its incarnations.
Flynn -- DISLIKE; reminds me of 'skinflint'. Too surnamey, too close to the uberpopular Finn.
Malachi -- Like a lot whether inspired by the Bible or the Irish name.
Ned -- DISLIKE; is a nickname, is a pejorative term in Scotland.
*Would use Edward but that is a popular name right now.
Ralph -- Dislike; means to barf and there are negative Judy Blume associations too.
Jonas -- LOVE; East European solid name, nicer than plain John imo.

Elizabeth is a nice middle name that goes with a multitude of others. Same goes for Isobel, Olivia, Anneliese, Marianne, Margaret, Frances..

For boys, Patrick, Oliver, Michael, William, James, John, Henry all match a lot of first names.

-- a mixture of classics and modern popular names with a classical feel in other words.

Family names can make good middle name choices (depending on the names of course).

FatimaLovesBread Mon 03-Sep-12 20:49:25

wow some more fab opinions smile

With the girls, I'm not a girly girl so I did want something that's feminine but strong rather than frilly or fluffy
I think that's why I like some of the names above.
I'm aiming for a name that's not ridiculously popular but still a normal name not a made up feel.

Louis would be pronounced Lou-ee

Crazyfatmamma Tue 04-Sep-12 13:51:59

Lara- Not keen bit boring
Alanah/Alana or Lana- Like Lana not Alana
Meredith- Too surnamey
Juno- Very boyish
Matilda- Quite cute ( Tilly)
Tamara-Neither like not dislike
Lois- Dislike-boring
Marnie- Not keen
Nora/Norah- Quite cute I think
Seren- Pretty noce meaning
Nola- Not keen
Cameron- Boyish but quite like

Roman- Quite like
Seth- I actually like this name- very cute
Rory/Ruari- quite like
Aneirin- Dislike
Jasper- Dislike
Rafferty- Quite like
Louis- Nope Not keen
Finn- Quite like though very common
Flynn- Its a name thats getting very popular
Malachi- Quite like
Ned- Quite like
Ralph- Dont mine
Jonas- Dislike

FatimaLovesBread Tue 04-Sep-12 17:09:08

Thanks crazy. Just out of interest what sort of girls names do you like? Just with you saying a few of them were a bit boring. I'm open to all suggestions smile

minipie Tue 04-Sep-12 17:56:17

hi Fatima <waves>

I like Lana, Meredith, Juno and Seren best from your girls' list. I also like Marnie but think it should be a nn for something, not sure what?

other suggestions you might like: Elsa, Nina, Ruth, Tessa, Sylvie, Cara, Cora

From your boys' list I like Rory, Rafferty, Louis, Ned (but would use as a nn for Edward/Edwin).

other suggestions: Corin, Dominic, Austin, Bryn, Guy

iheartmycat Tue 04-Sep-12 18:33:33

Lara - gorgeous, love it, classy
Alanah/Alana or Lana - nice, but Lana being Anal spelt backwards puts me off
Meredith - not my cup of tea
Juno - see above
Matilda - quite cute, I like it.
Tamara - just sounds like 'tomorrow' in an irish accent
Lois - nice
Marnie - nice, i've known 2 and they were both lovely!
Nora/Norah - hmmm, so so, prefer Honor
Seren - love this! quirky but not 'out-there'
Nola - don't like
Cameron - boys name, for a girl i'd spell it Cameryn

Boys - really like just about all of these! Roman, Seth or Malachi prob my faves!

Aneirin - don't like
Malachi -
Ned - scottish word for Chav. If not in scotland, it's great!
Ralph - don't like.

EvenIfYouSeeAPoppy Tue 04-Sep-12 18:38:34

Lara - nice, classic and travels well
Alanah/Alana or Lana - not keen
Meredith - lovely
Juno - not keen
Matilda - lovely
Tamara - not keen
Lois - not keen
Marnie - not keen. I might assume a Lois or a Marnie was American (not a 'bad' point but something to bear in mind)
Nora/Norah - I like Nora, but not Norah
Seren - lovely. Do you have Welsh background?
Nola - OK
Cameron - boy

Roman - not keen
Seth - lovely
Rory/Ruari - nice
Aneirin - nice, distinguished
Jasper - wouldn't choose it myself but I do like it
Rafferty - not keen
Louis - lovely
Finn - nice
Flynn - not keen
Malachi - lovely
Ned - not keen
Ralph - not keen
Jonas - OK

EvenIfYouSeeAPoppy Tue 04-Sep-12 18:40:47

Just seen you want a strong girls' name - Matilda is fab - means 'strong in battle' or something, I think. I also think of Meredith as a very strong name.

Paralympia Tue 04-Sep-12 18:44:05

Lara -- LOVe this, very pretty, also like Clara
Alanah/Alana or Lana -- no, don't like it.
*LANA is Anal backwards.
Meredith -- Love it!
Juno -- Love it! Juno and the Paycock
Matilda -- Dislike this one.
Tamara -- quite like, prefer just Tara
Lois -- oh I love this one. So chic and 'together'. She'd have it all sewn up.
Marnie -- no. is this a nn for margaret? prefer all of the other nns for Margaret.
Nora/Norah -- ok
Seren -- ok
Nola -- Like it but like another poster would use Finola.
Cameron -- DISLIKE for a girl. Better for a boy.

Roman -- no, trying to be trendy
Seth -- don't like, much prefer Saul.
Rory/Ruari -- LOVE; great name. Quirky and classic at the same time.
Aneirin -- awful sounds like aneurism.
Jasper -- bit harsh.
Rafferty -- sur name as a first name, ok, if it's your family name. Randomly plucked from thin air I would just use Rafael/Raf
Louis -- Like it
Finn -- very popular
Flynn -- like Finn but trying to be a little different
Malachi -- Like it, good strong name. I am more familiar with Malachy with a Y.

Ned -- Terrible terrible
Ralph -- ok, prefer Raff
Jonas -- OK, a bit... I don't know, biblish.

Teamthrills Wed 05-Sep-12 20:35:23




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