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Names you love but are too afraid to use???

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PipIsOutNow Fri 17-Aug-12 18:30:20

Just that really. I'm pregnant with dc2 and I love lots of names but wouldn't have the guts to use some of them - silly I know!!!

One of my faves for a girl is Luna/Lunar.

Just for fun- what are yours?

ratbagcatbag Fri 17-Aug-12 18:32:44

Chase - although tbf I would use it if DH didn't keep vetoing it, mind you excessive pressure has made him agree to it as a middle name smile

PrunellaDeVille Fri 17-Aug-12 18:32:51

expecting DC1 and sad that i don't have the guts to call it Django if a boy or Gertrude if a girl.

ratbagcatbag Fri 17-Aug-12 18:33:56

And I love Luna OP, Hmmm, can't see DH agreeing to that.
Mind you he likes Arianne (sp) which means master white race (no he's not KK or anything) he likes the name, won't be having that either grin

onedev Fri 17-Aug-12 18:36:05

Ace, Sly (inspired by earlier Dallas thread), Logan & Luna - I'm sure there are loads of others grin.

Fisharefriendsnotfood Fri 17-Aug-12 18:36:48

Loveday, I adore it, but am
No way near brave enough blush

puds11 Fri 17-Aug-12 18:37:26

Zoya, love it, but it sounds to much like soya sad

MelanieSminge Fri 17-Aug-12 18:37:43


manicinsomniac Fri 17-Aug-12 18:39:58

Haha, I have lots I wouldn't use but love too:

Addison, Aubrey, Avery, Araminta, Bailey, Briley, Brodie, Cassidy, Carissa, Dakota, Delaney, Emerson, Effie, Ebony, Eden, Farrah, Genesis, Giselle, Hayley, Harper, Krista, Kaylie, Kennedy, Kenzie, Lyra, Macey, Madison, Mackenzie, Makenna, Michaela, Nesta, Piper, Payson, Peyton, Pepper, Paisley, Riley, Saffron, Sutton, Spencer, Sydney, Taylor, Tyra, Tansy, Tegan, Zillah.

Logan, Maddox, Mason, Tallon, Anderson, Carter, Austin, Preston, Parker, Harrison, Brogan

American names basically!

onedev Fri 17-Aug-12 18:43:21

& all those manic stated grin

Littleplasticpeople Fri 17-Aug-12 18:45:16

Ptolemy. Both me and dh like it, but we reckon we would sound like total nobbers announcing it. Shame really as dc3 is due soon and we can't agree on any names!

TenthMuse Fri 17-Aug-12 18:46:26

Quite a few! My taste tends towards the unusual anyway, but I think dp would draw the line at the likes of Persephone, Loveday and Linnet or Atticus, Cassian and Merlin.

TerrariaMum Fri 17-Aug-12 19:01:31

Hiro. If I ever had a son, I'd want to call him that. But we are not Japanese and nor do we have any relatives who are so it would be weird.

Selky Fri 17-Aug-12 19:21:50



NellyBluth Fri 17-Aug-12 19:30:23

Hera or Decca for a girl. Boys names I'm alright, I prefer more traditional names, but I'd love to call a girl those names.

almapudden Fri 17-Aug-12 19:32:01

Godfrey. I fucking love that name.

ggirl Fri 17-Aug-12 19:33:22 the name but since eastender about 20yrs ago......

PipIsOutNow Fri 17-Aug-12 19:33:28

I love Atticus tenth!!! Remind me of To Kill a Mockingbird!!! I love Xanthe too.

VickyU Fri 17-Aug-12 20:08:28

Ivor....I would just worry too much about the jokes. But I LOVE it!

Cynner Fri 17-Aug-12 20:14:00

I love Daisy..but got veto from dads..err..3 girls two fathers..neither willing to allow Daisy..or Montana

silverfrog Fri 17-Aug-12 20:17:35

Bluebell - I really like it, but no way would/could use it.

Peregrine - dh campaigned hard for this (just recently had ds), but just couldn't 'see' us using it - woiuld sound far too up ourselves announcing that one!

TeamGB2012 Fri 17-Aug-12 20:27:21



Toughasoldboots Fri 17-Aug-12 20:31:39

I really wanted Cosmo for DS but dh said no. DS loves the name too and is cross with us for not using it.

WithACherryOnTop Fri 17-Aug-12 20:33:57

I love Ivor,and have every intention of using it when I'm lucky enough to have a baby.

Littleplasticpeople Fri 17-Aug-12 20:34:11

ooh I love Bluebell too. I might use it as a middle name.

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