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Names that work in English and German (and don't sound too German!)

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CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:10:22

I'm English, raised in Wales, DP is German. We live in Germany.

Surname is short, one syllable beginning with R.

I'm looking for longish girls names, 3 or 4 syllables. So far we can agree on Cecilia or Isolde. I like Beatrice and Amandine but DP isn't keen. Genevieve is a possibility but its a mouthful in German!

Middle name would be Anna, Sophia or (probably) Theresa after family.

Boys I'm finding impossible. I love Benjamin, DP hates it. He loves Fritz hmm

We can agree on Welsh boys names eg Iolo, Ieuan, Iestyn, which are all pronounceable in German but not from the spelling, iyswim.

I'm stuck! I would really appreciate

1. input on names we have
2. further suggestions
3. opinions on whether giving a boy in Germany a Welsh name is downright cruel?

TIA smile

Kveta Wed 02-May-12 20:17:26


Matilda (I love this one! but was not allowed it)

we have czech/british children, and have used 2 of the names on this list smile (well, 1 will be used in a month or two, when she's born!)

smalltown Wed 02-May-12 20:20:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazyday Wed 02-May-12 20:23:41

I think Germans might find it hard to pronounce welsh names as in German the letters are pronounced in a different way to welsh (think of all those 'w's which would be sounded as 'v's).

I think you should go for more internationally sounding names so your child doesn't have a problem with his or her name in any country.

For example: David, Noah, Michael, florian, Henry

Charlotte, Katherine, Lucy, or any of the girls middle names you suggested.

Nothing that starts with J as that is pronounced differently.

What do you think?

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:26:21

thanks for the suggestions.

Another complicating factor is that I'm a teacher, so naughty Olivers/Jacobs etc have put me off those names a bit!

I don't mind different pronounciations too much, for example Cecilia is a sort of "Tzetzelia" in German but I think thats ok, as long as the spelling is the same.

I like Reuben, but its "R" "R" initials, and also Louisa and Alice. Matilda could grow on me.... (but she told such terrible lies!! grin)

CharminglyOdd Wed 02-May-12 20:26:54

Dorothea? Inge? Two of my favourites smile Dorothea can adapt to all sorts of situations.

DP (German) thinks Welsh names in Germany are "cool" but he suggests changing the spelling to make it easier for the Germans. PS, he can't understand the appeal of 'Fritz' either, I think he's lived too long in England grin

Psammead Wed 02-May-12 20:27:15

Exactly the same position as you, OP.

We have a Lucia.


Are all children we know here.

Boys - umm - Samuel

Rubirosa Wed 02-May-12 20:27:25

I wouldn't choose Theodore as the pronunciation is quite different/TH is difficult for Germans.

Boys - Oscar, Robert, Sebastian, Nicolas (Nico), Felix, Dominic

Girls - Hannah, Anja/Anya, Maya, Christina, Gabriella, Susanna, Katarina, Monica

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:27:46

I see what you mean crazyday, but I thought that actually once a person knows that "Iolo" is pronounced "Yollo", they wouldn't have too much trouble with it?

For example Gethin is out as the "th" is just impossible in German!

exexpat Wed 02-May-12 20:29:34

Other ideas for girls:
Elin (maybe too short but has advantage of being Welsh, and easy to pronounce in both English and German?)

I like the Welsh boys' names, and other ones like Rhodri, but your DH would have a better idea about how they would go down in Germany. Some things are a step too far, though: if I had been a boy, apparently my parents might have inflicted the name Peredur on me (Welsh parents but I grew up in England).

ZZZenAgain Wed 02-May-12 20:30:07

well Welsh names will meet your criteria of not sounding too German at least! I think Welsh names could go down well in Germany but people will not know that they are Welsh and they will not know how to pronounce the names, so there will be a lot of explaining for ds to do every time he meets people.

How do you pronounce Iestyn?

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:32:01

Ooh I like Dorothea! smile

I just find boys names generally a bit "meh" I'm afraid. I'm starting to really hope for a girl because I just can't get my head around boys stuff at all!

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:32:43

Iestyn is "Yess-tin"

BeehavingBaby Wed 02-May-12 20:32:45

Ingo, love it.

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:33:01

ooh I've got a vote from DP for Dorothea!

Scatterplot Wed 02-May-12 20:33:37

I like Isolde Theresa best of your names for a girl, and I also love Ieuan and Iestyn. If you both like a Welsh name and German laws allow it, why not go for it? It might be best to avoid Huw or Hywel though.

How about:

Ariadne Sophia
Katrine Theresa
Magdalena Theresa
Meredith Anna
Rhiannon Theresa
Veronika Theresa


Kveta Wed 02-May-12 20:33:51

ooh, forgot Oskar, Frederik, Martin.

we were going to use Teodor and call him Teddy if DC2 was a boy.

still angry that DH has vetoed Matylda for me, the swine grin

Magdalena is another good international name. And Lucy, or Emma. (am just naming children of mixed-background friends now grin)

ZZZenAgain Wed 02-May-12 20:34:00

Yess-tin could work. I think that would count as cool actually

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:34:18

exexpat my ex's dog was called Peredur!!

Psammead Wed 02-May-12 20:34:23

Where in Germany are you?

ZZZenAgain Wed 02-May-12 20:34:47


hermionestranger Wed 02-May-12 20:35:20

My german friend who lived all over the world was Yvonne. Worked well whatever country she found herself in.

cantpooinpeace Wed 02-May-12 20:36:27

How about Claudia for a girl smile

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 02-May-12 20:36:41

Kveta I love the name Teddy! I once knew a cute pony called Teddy though, and DP won't let me name the baby after a pony sad

Maybe I would get away with it for a nickname though?

<scribbles madly on list>

Like Magdalena too.

threestars Wed 02-May-12 20:36:43

I like Heidi.
Thomas/Tomasz, Alexander

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