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Middle name for Harriet Jones... help!

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BondiBaby Wed 22-Feb-12 10:01:06

Any suggestions for a middle name for our little girl?

I love Harriet Grace but I'm a little worried Harriet Grace Jones is too close to the 80s singer.... any other ideas or comments on this much appreciated.

EightiesChick Wed 22-Feb-12 10:03:22

Sounds nice. I don't think many of her generation will make the Grace Jones connection. Go for it!

ChunkyPickle Wed 22-Feb-12 10:04:23

I don't know, but I do know that that is a beautifully flowing name!

I'm rubbish at thinking of names - I think that 1 syllable is probably the way to go so you can keep that flow - something like Harriet Jane Jones (depending on how you feel about aliteration/the name Jane)

maddiemostmerry Wed 22-Feb-12 10:08:26

Wasn't Harriet Jones MP, in Dr Who? I think of that rather than Grace Jones.
Think Grace is fine.

BondiBaby Wed 22-Feb-12 10:17:13

Harriet Jones


LizzieChickens Wed 22-Feb-12 10:22:39

Yes, I think of Doctor Who rather than of Grace Jones.

maddiemostmerry Wed 22-Feb-12 10:26:36

I wouldn't let it put you off though. Her peers won't think it. grin

PopcornBiscuit Wed 22-Feb-12 10:33:32

Harriet Louisa Jones
Harriet Emily Jones
Harriet Serena Jones
Harriet Corinna Jones
Harriet Ivy Jones
Harriet Victoria Jones

pickledsiblings Wed 22-Feb-12 10:33:54

Something beginning with an 'S' , ending in 'a' and with 3 syllables - Serena, Selina, Susanna [can't think of any more grin].

pickledsiblings Wed 22-Feb-12 10:34:55

x post Popcorn, we picked the same one - Serena.

sparkle12mar08 Wed 22-Feb-12 10:37:11

I also think Dr Who! I also agree with others who've said a single or three syllable name fits best. Harriet Kate or Harriet Victoria are lovely?

TessTosterone Wed 22-Feb-12 19:46:51

Dr who here too!

ifancyashandy Wed 22-Feb-12 19:48:28

Harriet Eleanor Jones instantly came to mind

FaithHopeAndKevin Wed 22-Feb-12 19:52:11

"We know who you are" grin

CPtart Wed 22-Feb-12 19:54:49

Catherine, Victoria, Rachael, Estelle,

CharlieBoo Wed 22-Feb-12 20:24:39

I think as a middle name its ok, but not as a first. I'm a Jones too...

Harriet Jones is lovely.

EBDteacher Wed 22-Feb-12 20:29:47

Harriet Eloise Jones or Harriet Elodie Jones

everlong Wed 22-Feb-12 20:32:34

I like Elisabeth with Harriet,

MarshmallowFarm Wed 22-Feb-12 20:39:35

Another vote for Elisabeth, Catherine or Rachel.

or what about:
Harriet Lucy
Harriet Frances
Harriet Emily
Harriet Amy
Harriet Seren/serena
Harriet Amelia
Harriet Olivia
Harriet Matilda
Harriet Evie
Harriet Rebecca
Harriet Zara
Harriet Laura/Lauren

HolyNoSheDittantBatman Wed 22-Feb-12 20:41:35

Harriet Eliza Jones

charlottery Wed 22-Feb-12 21:47:27

I was going for Eliza too (we're Jones too, and dd2s middle name is Eliza, dd1 has 2 middle names, Elin Patricia)

CheesyWellingtons Wed 22-Feb-12 22:07:10

I second Harriet Amelia Jones - I think it needs to be a two or three syllable name.

nokissymum Wed 22-Feb-12 22:11:56

Harriet Margaret Jones.

Marrow Wed 22-Feb-12 22:20:15

Harriet Ann

PartialToACupOfMilo Wed 22-Feb-12 22:21:07

Harriet May Jones

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