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English sounding Muslim Girls Names???? Plz help :-)

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yasmin85 Sun 19-Feb-12 02:03:51

Please share some english sounding muslim names. We would like something that is easily pronounced but is still muslim or arabic origin. Many thanks.

Hulababy Wed 22-Feb-12 21:56:02


I have taught a lot of children who are muslim and very few I find difficult to say/pronounce tbh. I think many work very well.

Hulababy Wed 22-Feb-12 21:56:58

My list are not necessarily English sounding, but ones I have no problem with pronouncing currently

DougalDaydream Wed 22-Feb-12 22:10:39

Afia is a lovely name.

I like Eshaal too.

yasmin85 Thu 23-Feb-12 00:56:30

what do you ladies think of Amara, or Aiza? I quite like names starting with 'A'

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 23-Feb-12 09:11:49

Those are both beautiful yasmin.

Stellan Thu 23-Feb-12 10:07:15

yasmin85 - Amara's lovely but I'm not sure how to pronounce Aiza. I'm guessing it is something like EYE-za?

yasmin85 Fri 24-Feb-12 00:21:23

yes, it would be eye-za, maybe Ayza or Aizah spelling helps. not sure though, Eshaal and Amara are also very pretty.

Monstrosity Fri 24-Feb-12 06:57:01

I love A names too for some reason! I think Amara and Aiza are both lovely names. Have fun choosing!

mumzy Sat 25-Feb-12 23:14:32

Sufia, Leila, Zara, Sareena, Robina, Nadia, Maia, Maryam have muslim friends/ colleagues with these lovely names

stella1w Sat 25-Feb-12 23:21:30

This is making me wish I'd had another girl!

pinkmagic1 Sat 25-Feb-12 23:28:15

Love Ayisha, leila, Yasmin, Sharifa, Kenza, Latifa, Noor and Fulah.

SunSoakedStone Wed 29-Feb-12 13:20:51

Saira is gorgeous.

Hulababy Wed 29-Feb-12 15:24:19

I teach an Aiza - pronounced eye-z-uh
I do sometimes mix it up with Aysha though which is pronounced Eye-sh-uh

Toadinthehole Sat 03-Mar-12 17:52:59

Look, I'm not a Muslim, but English-sounding Muslim names? That easy, considering that Islam the religion considers its origins to be founded in the same history as Christianity. Plenty of ancient Hebrew names would therefore suffice. Examples (pulled up from Abraham's family tree):


and of course
Mary plus variants (I think Miriam is one of them)

I think you will find that many "Muslim" names therefore have a Hebrew root or Hebrew version (Hebrew, like Arabic is a Semetic language after all). From there it should be quite simple to find the modern English spelling.

nizlopi Sat 03-Mar-12 18:07:51

I love the name Sana, I have a muslim friend with that name and I think its beautiful

chickensaregreen Sat 03-Mar-12 18:14:03


yasmin85 Thu 08-Mar-12 16:59:38

what do you ladies think of Zoya???

welovesausagedogs Thu 08-Mar-12 17:07:50

Maisa (not to different from the english Maisy)

yasmin85 Mon 04-Jun-12 02:19:18

would 'Sana' be pronounced ok in the UK? It's short and sweet.

herhonesty Mon 04-Jun-12 07:59:35

Lots of these names aren't actually Muslim names. Is that important, or do you want a crossover name.

babloogirl Mon 04-Jun-12 08:05:01

Dd is Maryam Amber and I only get compliments

Sophia was our next choice

If we have another dd I think we will go for Zara smile

IsLovingAndGiving Mon 04-Jun-12 08:18:18


ripsishere Mon 04-Jun-12 08:25:49

I don't like Sana, it was the name of a shop I used for cheap clothes when we were in the ME.
I do love Safia - could have been DDs name but someone else bagged it.
Sofia is OK, Zara is OK, Laila is nice although there is one at DDs current RC school so could be getting popular.

IsLovingAndGiving Mon 04-Jun-12 08:59:14

I know an Aamana, which is very pretty.

Lunarlyte Mon 04-Jun-12 10:14:49

I knew 2 Muslim girls, each one with a beautiful name and charming personality to boot. The names were:

Safiyyah (sounds like Sophia)

Miah (sounds identical to Mia)

Now, Sophia is a Greek name and Mia is Italian, but both very popular ^in Britain.


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