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Can I have just "Kit" on its own, or would you name him "Christian / Christopher"?

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Boobz Thu 16-Feb-12 05:04:46

That's it really.

No idea if this is a boy or a girl, but we have the girl's name picked out, so now just debating boys names. DH is being non-commital saying "there's no point me engaging in this as you'll just end up changing your mind on the day anyway"; DC#3 due in 2 weeks.

Already have a Penelope (Penny / Pen) and a Constance (Connie) so we use the shortened names in the main rather than their long versions. But I like the long versions of our daughters' names, whereas I am not so keen on Christian / Christopher but LOVE LOVE Kit.

So would you just name him Kit? Or would you always put a long version down on the birth certificate? Our surname is Reed so would be a very short name! But kind of reminds of me of "Jack Black"... "Kit Reed", so kinda cool anyway?

Middle name probably Benjamin or Samuel.

What would you do?

Petrean Thu 16-Feb-12 05:09:10

I probably would go for Christian or Christopher (especially going by your DD's names). And use Kit as a nickname. I don't really see Kit as a full name as such.

If you don't like Christian or Christopher are there any other names you could use that could be shortened to Kit?

tentative123 Thu 16-Feb-12 05:20:23

This is the most bizarre post I've ever read! We are having the same debate, I LOVE kit but not so sure about Christopher ( although it is a family name, but oh reckons he'd therefore call him Chris). And our surname is... You guessed it... Reed!

Maybe we could start a club of kit reeds!

nooka Thu 16-Feb-12 05:25:20

I think that there have been threads before on Kit, there might be some ideas for alternate long names that could have Kit as a nn (perhaps Kester or Christie?). Personally I don't think it stands as a name in its own right, although it is a cute nn.

BuckBuckMcFate Thu 16-Feb-12 05:25:29

Both of you please just use Kit. I LOVE it and wanted to use it for DS3 but DS1 has a nn that sounds very similar. I chose another name which suits DS3 perfectly but am still a bit sad that I haven't got a Kit.

Kit Reed is fab

tentative123 Thu 16-Feb-12 05:27:14

Just got to pursuade oh then. I did a thread before but I can't link to it on my phone..

BuckBuckMcFate Thu 16-Feb-12 05:28:40

And Christopher Reed sounds too much like Christopher Reeve

Boobz Thu 16-Feb-12 05:52:01

Tentative123 that is BIZARRO. Do you have other DC? What are they called?

When are you due? There I was thinking we were being all original and now there will be another Kit Reed wandering about in the same nursery class...

Isn't Kester just a shortened version of Christopher?

We could have Kristoff, Christophe etc, but they're all just Christopher really... which am not that keen on.

Do like Christian more... argh.

nooka Thu 16-Feb-12 07:18:26

Kester is a Scottish form of Christoper

Vajazzler Thu 16-Feb-12 07:25:25

Sophie Ellis Bextor has a ds called Kit. Not short for anything just Kit.

pooka Thu 16-Feb-12 07:37:46

We so very nearly went for Kit for ds2 - but were flummoxed by this very question. Neither of us could quite get over the Christopher/Kit set up. And we both rather liked Christopher. I think we were worried that Christopher would not be shortened to kit, but would become Chris instead, which neither of us were keen on. It's an ace name, but we just weren't brave enough in the end (and found a lovely name which suits him to a T, and which goes with dd(Lucy) and ds1(Tom) better).

seeker Thu 16-Feb-12 07:42:40

I would go with Christopher. If only because your dds have long form names and you don't want him wailing about it not being fair when he's older! Which he will, I promise you.

flopsy1974 Thu 16-Feb-12 07:57:54

I would definitely put Christopher or Christian on the birth certificate and use Kit day to day. it will give him a formal name and more options when he gets older smile

Boobz Thu 16-Feb-12 08:47:31

Pooka - yes - that is what I worry about too... that we would call him Kit, but then people would just call him Chris if he ever went for Christopher when he was older (my DH introduces himself as "Edward" but people shorten it to "Ed" anyway). And I know it's up to him when he's older, (like I am now Ali from Alexandra - my parents always liked Alex and I think they find it a bit weird I am now Ali to everyone else...) but still... can't imagine being a mum to a Chris...

Argh. I dunno. I really don't think I can just name him Kit.

Do people prefer Christopher or Christian then? I'm thinking Christian Slater cool, rather than Christopher Reeve mix up. Although one of DH's middle name's is Christopher, so might make more sense as a bit more of a "family" name (DD1 has Lucy as her middle name, which is also my middle name)...

Dum de dum. It's probably a girl anyway.

melika Thu 16-Feb-12 09:03:48

I like Christie (as in Christie Moore). If you like Kit go for it, there are lots of short names around and it wouldn't get shortened.

jaffacakehips Thu 16-Feb-12 09:55:44

I had a tread about this a while again. I just LOVE the name Kit for a boy, we had a girl grin Still want this name. Like you OP I don't like the name Christian / Christopher but love Kit.

I know a wee boy called Kitt, just Kitt. Would you use the double t spelling?

If you have a girl you can still call her Kit, Kitty, Katherine!

For what it's worth, both my DH and I have names which can be shorted, even if we introduce ourselves with our full names, people still shorted it hmm

tentative123 Thu 16-Feb-12 10:48:12

Oh boobz this is exactly my dilemma playing out for you! Due on 9 march and we live in the midlands - will they be in the same nursery??? smile we keep putting the debate back in the box saying maybe it will be a girl, although the name shortening bit for our girls name is also causing a problem - we love Rosie, but we're not at all sure about rosemary or any of the longer versions, so we might just stick with short rosie, and have to do it with kit. It's so tough!!!

tentative123 Thu 16-Feb-12 10:48:43

Oh yeah - first one..

PercyFilth Thu 16-Feb-12 12:04:40

No, give him a proper full name to play with. Kit makes me think of Airfix.

Then there are so many situations in which 'kit' as a noun crops up. Kit bag, first aid kit, drum kit .... he would have to listen to so many lame jokes, it becomes very tedious.

Frikadellen Thu 16-Feb-12 12:12:45

I dont like Kit on its own and I am normally all for using the long version of a name but please dont call him Christopher Reed.. Kit Reed is SO much better..

pranma Thu 16-Feb-12 12:52:18

I'd go for Kester which is an old form of Christopher.

alemci Thu 16-Feb-12 13:00:43

I like Christopher but then that is my DS's name. I like Kit too and Kester. He was a character in a Susan Howatch novel set in Wales if I remember rightly.

LaFilleSurLePont Thu 16-Feb-12 13:09:37

I like Christian best,though Christopher is nice too. Kit is even better.

LouMacca Thu 16-Feb-12 13:51:20

I think Kit Benjamin Reed sounds great!! I really like Kit but not at all keen on Christopher and don't like Christian at all.

ImCoveredInBeeeees Thu 16-Feb-12 13:56:40

I like Kit but as a nickname. Give him a 'proper' longer name in case he needs it when he is older and in a professional job. Either Christopher or Christian are fine.

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