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Girls middle name inspired by George Wilfred?!?

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baddyfreckleface Tue 31-Jan-12 14:56:09

We are expecting our second dd and have decided on olive as her first name. If she had been a boy we would have named her after my grandad George Wilfred who died when I was pregnant with my first dd.
I would love to choose a middle name which reminded us of him but our surname is a daft one and starts with J and doesn't seem to sit right with Georgia, Georgina etc.
Also my grandad was known as Wilf so I would prefer something similar to that but we are really struggling to think of a feminine version.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

crocodilesmiles Tue 31-Jan-12 15:42:57

Oh....that's a bit of a challenge!

Having looked at the meanings of the two names George means "to work the Earth" and Wilfred means "Wish for peace", so based on this perhaps: -

Inga? - from Ing the Norse God of peace and fertility.
Irene? - from the Greek Goddess of peace.
Harmony? Serena?

It's a tough one...Hope you find something you like x

tummytickler Tue 31-Jan-12 16:29:06

Could you have two mn, so that the 'George' name doesnt sit next to the surname.
Olive Georgina Grace surname
Olive Georgina Beatrix Surname

or something.

manicinsomniac Tue 31-Jan-12 16:32:03


mollymole Tue 31-Jan-12 16:37:25

Wilhemina - (Willa, Minnie) I think it goes well - Olive Wilhemina
or Olivia Wilhemina
Olivia Georgina Wilhemina

2madboys Tue 31-Jan-12 16:48:41

My Grandad was also called Wilfred and was commonly known as Bill. Maybe Billie would be a nice girls middle name?

Janoschi Tue 31-Jan-12 16:51:09


baddyfreckleface Tue 31-Jan-12 19:28:56

Thanks for the ideas. Like the idea of a name that means the same, especially Irene.
Also hadnt thought of two middle names.
Think Willa might be my favourite at the moment though.
Wilfreda - my mum suggested that but think she was being sarcastic so might have to rule it out!

SoozyWoozy Tue 31-Jan-12 19:43:17

Olive Winifred - similar to Wilfred but not quite the same smile

LionsnTigersnBears Tue 31-Jan-12 20:00:31

Definitely second Winifred - as in the brilliant Radio 4 presenter Winifred Robinson. Also has a fab unisex nn of Fred going for it. And was the name of the suffragette mum in Mary Poppins. I'm overselling this aren't I?

PopcornBiscuit Tue 31-Jan-12 20:07:41

Frederica Georgiana
Elfrida Georgette

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 31-Jan-12 20:25:56

Olive Winifred Terra? (I know a Terra) Or Olive Terra Winifred?

Frieda also means peace.

Janoschi Tue 31-Jan-12 23:56:46

I know a little Wilfreda - she's German. Pronounced Vill-FRAY-da. I do think it's pretty. She's Freda for short.

puzzletree Wed 01-Feb-12 16:10:01


crocodilesmiles Thu 09-Feb-12 12:09:13

I just wondered baddyfreckleface - Have you decided to go with Olive Willa?

I had to post as curiousity got the better of me! I think it's a really pretty name btw.

baddyfreckleface Mon 22-Jul-13 20:28:55

For some reason I thought I would look up my old posts and saw this one. Thought i would very belatedly update!!! (If anyone is bothered still!)

We went for Olive Winifred, sooooo happy with her name. I like her to be a madam so I can say the full name in a disapproving way.

Thank you all so much for the ideas.

MollyBerry Mon 22-Jul-13 20:35:37

Nice name choice smile you could have gone for George though :p I have a friend (girl) who's middle name is George!

baddyfreckleface Mon 22-Jul-13 21:59:55

Ha! I would have but our surname is J.. And would have sounded silly as its pretty much a male name as a surname. Poor girl needed some girl names to contend with that

FingersCrossedLegsNot Mon 22-Jul-13 22:03:52

Lovely name

whyno Tue 23-Jul-13 14:15:57

Ahh my 2yo DS is called George Wilfred!

Quite like alliteration in names especially middle and last rather than first and last.

Was going to suggest Willa too.

whyno Tue 23-Jul-13 14:16:45

Ha just seen you already named her. Very pretty! Congrats.

UpTheFRIGGinDuff Tue 23-Jul-13 14:21:51

Love it!
Beautiful name.

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