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Baby names

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Marie12 Mon 09-Jan-06 10:59:39

My friend has just had a baby and called it the exact same names as mine, first and second names! Not quite sure how to feel!

starlover Mon 09-Jan-06 11:02:28

how strange!

Tatties Mon 09-Jan-06 11:08:18

How old is your baby Marie?

Spagblog Mon 09-Jan-06 11:32:39

Eeek, I wouldn't like that at all! In fact I couldn't call my DD Charlotte as three of my colleagues at work had DDs called Charlotte and I thought that it would be too much!
To have a friend use both first and middle names is a bit SWF isn't it!

PeachyClair Mon 09-Jan-06 12:23:33

One name is an honour, two is creepy but is it worth a friendship? Probably not.

anniebear Mon 09-Jan-06 12:25:47

That is a bit wierd

are they quite popular names, so she may have had them as her faves for a while?

still bit funny though. Maybe if she had used one of your babies names as a middle name ok!! but no, thats a bit strange and I wouldn't be impressed!

Sadeyedladyofthelowlands Mon 09-Jan-06 17:16:53

Did she copy you or is it coincidence?

WestCountryLass Mon 09-Jan-06 21:33:30

How bizarre

myermay Mon 09-Jan-06 21:37:04

Message withdrawn

Marie12 Thu 12-Jan-06 16:43:39

i haven't spoken to her yet, just heard through people at work...not particularly close friends but get on ok and kept in touch. my baby is only 7 months so can't see it can be a coincidence!

sweetkitty Thu 12-Jan-06 16:50:28

Would agree very odd to have both names.

tilly08 Thu 18-Sep-08 03:09:19

Can I ask what the names are? Doesnt sound like a coincidence at all no matter how popular they are. I LOVE about 3 names that have all been used by friends in the past 12 months so I crossed them off straight away! There are enough names out there to choose from, especially for girls! It seems too weird. No matter how much you love a name... using both the same given names is ridiculous. What on earth do you say to her when you see her... that will be weird. "Oh hey... I heard you named her ____ hmm" ??????

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