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roll up roll up, our Shortlist is finally out for your viewing

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tommyfools Wed 19-Oct-11 00:22:06

We already have a DD1 Rina (Catherine) Eleri and a very irish surname. (I'm welsh Dh is Irish and we live in NI)

Mary and related names is a family name on both sides (well we do both come from catholic stock :P) as is Iorweth/Iolo (well Edward is actually but want something welsh and Iorwerth is generally used as the welsh equivalent).

So our shortlist


Kirsten Mari nn Kit
Kit Mairin (with the fadas)
Mary Seren
Kit Maria
Josie Mari
Mairin Sian (with the house :P)


Jude Iolo
James Iorwerth
Iolo James
Liam Iorwerth
Conan Iorwerth

What do you think?

tiptoptally Wed 19-Oct-11 02:16:47 did ask.....

Kirsten/Kit - are you mad?!?!?!?! Kirsten is a beautiful name on its own, but Kit as a nickname when you already have a Catherine?? Kit-Cat????

Josie Mari - reminds me of Jose Marino (not that I know who that is, its just a name my bf mentions!)

Mary Seren/Seren Mary is lovely smile as is Sian, What about Mairead? I think Sian Mairead goes well together. Or Kirsten Mairead (just not Kit!!!).

I like all your boys names, Jude, James and Liam being my favourites, along with their middle names smile

NadiaWadia Wed 19-Oct-11 02:23:10

Mary Seren is lovely. Is Seren the Welsh form of Serena or a completely different name? It's very nice anyway, and Mary is due a revival.

anyagoogle Wed 19-Oct-11 09:36:04

Kit Mairin is lovely
I like Jude and James for a boy

as your Catherine is Rina I think it is fine.

blushingm Wed 19-Oct-11 09:43:00

nadia, Seren is a welsh name and means star

Maraid is pretty - would you consider Maura as a form of mary

Seren Maura sounds nice

out of the boys i think Iolo James is the best smile

tommyfools Wed 19-Oct-11 09:47:06

tip I suppose our logic is that no one calls DD1 catherine she is Rina to everyone. And never a Cat/Cate/Catie. If she is anything else she is Catherine (which soon gets corected - by her I might add)
Mairead is lovely it is also my DN's name and is actually Margaret and I really want something Mary like. Sian just reminds me of teachers
Nadia Seren is the actual welsh word for Star (as in in the dictionary not just means it) so a completely different name.

Fixture Wed 19-Oct-11 12:26:26

Kirsten Mari nn Kit - like Kirsten, not keen on Kit
Kit Mairin (with the fadas) - not keen
Mary Seren - like
Kit Maria - don't like Kit, sorry
Josie Mari - lovely smile
Mairin Sian (with the house :P) - like

Jude Iolo - OK
James Iorwerth - like smile
Iolo James - OK
Liam Iorwerth - like
Conan Iorwerth - OK

Rhubarbgarden Wed 19-Oct-11 12:55:05

Mary Seren is beautiful.

Cwtchbach Wed 19-Oct-11 18:31:02

I love Iolo for a boy and Mari for a girl. Also, have you heard Iola (another Welsh name) for a girl, pronounced similarly to Iolo with the different end sound.

Iolo James would be my favourite boys name and Mari Seren for a girl (although I know you've said Mary Seren).

JamieComeHome Wed 19-Oct-11 18:44:46

I like Jude for a boy - by a long way

Mary Seren for a girl

1morewonthurt Wed 19-Oct-11 19:08:50

I actually like Kit for a girl. Mary is equally good though

James or Jude for a boy.

Kirsten Mari nn Kit - lovely
Kit Mairin (with the fadas) - don't like Kit as a given name
Mary Seren - doesn't excite me tbh
Kit Maria - love Maria
Josie Mari - don't like this
Mairin Sian - not sure they work together tbh


Jude Iolo - love Jude but have no idea how you say the mn!
James Iorwerth - ditto
Iolo James - no
Liam Iorwerth - no
Conan Iorwerth - don't like Conan at all, sorry

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