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Fresh01 Mon 17-Oct-11 13:19:45

Trying to come up with a name for no. 4 (sex unknown) that is due in less than 10 weeks. DH threw Luke into the mix at the weekend and I can't decide what I think of it - don't love it but don't hate it. I have never met someone with the name Luke, not that that matters just I don't have that initial name association with a person thing.

So what do others think of Luke?

nothingoldcanstay Mon 17-Oct-11 14:00:56

Think it's great. Know of one in DS class but other than that it was popular back in the day after Star Wars. Perhaps it's those fun late 70's memories that make me like it!
The boy in the class called Luke is lovely by the way and good looking from a nice well off family if you want that sort of benchmark.

shoobidoo Mon 17-Oct-11 14:02:20

Personally I dislike it. Don't know, I just don't like the sound of it (sounds like look in a funny accent, sorry).

breadandhoney Mon 17-Oct-11 14:04:26

It sounds exactly like look in my accent. But I like it. Classic, simple and not too popular.

Friendlymum67 Mon 17-Oct-11 14:06:36

I like it - tho somewhat biased as that's what my son is called! smile I wanted a name that couldn't be shortened ........ but when he was younger (12 now) we quite often called him Lukie!

phlossie Mon 17-Oct-11 14:29:53

I know an absolutely gorgeous little boy called Luke - son of a close friend, aged 4, and I love him! I think it's an ageless name. He also gets called Lukie Friendlymum, although his parents didn't want it shortened either!

However... when I told my mum, a teacher, that I liked the name, she grimmaced and said that it reminds her of too many very naughty (and one very unpleasant) boys who she's taught in her years.

Fixture Mon 17-Oct-11 15:00:17

Very nice, a classic.

comedaygoday Mon 17-Oct-11 15:43:05

I like it. It's a name that everyone will know, but it's not widely used.

KPT083 Mon 17-Oct-11 15:46:13

Love it

Montsti Mon 17-Oct-11 18:51:50

Don't mind it, but every other boy where I live (a city in South Africa) is Luc, Luca, Luke or Lucas. Does make me think of puke too or mucus (Lucas!). Depends on what your other 3 are called too...

inmysparetime Mon 17-Oct-11 18:58:41

IMO Lukes are naughty! I have taught a few and they are invariably really cute but very mischievous.

Maisiethemorningsidecat Mon 17-Oct-11 19:00:54

I love it smile

I'd echo what another poster said though - in some areas the accent makes it sound like Look

lilolilmanchester Mon 17-Oct-11 19:01:29

I love it. Was on my list but didn't quite make it to the top (DH preferred another which I was happy with).

oooggs Mon 17-Oct-11 19:01:55

We named our ds3 (dc no.4) Luke

What are your other dcs called?

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Mon 17-Oct-11 19:05:13

I like it ... and you don't hear that very often on this board!!!

<not that anyone gives a rats arse grin>

feedthegoat Mon 17-Oct-11 19:05:17

I know an utterly beautiful 13 week old Luke.

feedthegoat Mon 17-Oct-11 19:05:52

Oh and I really like his name too!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 17-Oct-11 19:15:12

Love it. I have taught two naughty ones but have known several lovely ones!

SilveryMoon Mon 17-Oct-11 19:16:11

My ds2 is called Luke.
inmysparetime Your description is spot on for my Luke!

CaptainMartinCrieff Mon 17-Oct-11 19:17:58

Love it... I know a Luke who's been affectionally nicknamed Lukey... He is a toddler and his name really suits him.

noseybitch Mon 17-Oct-11 19:21:23

Love the name...

ScaredBear Mon 17-Oct-11 19:30:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saintlyjimjams Mon 17-Oct-11 19:33:01

I like it, it was on my list for ds3 but dh didn't want it.

saintlyjimjams Mon 17-Oct-11 19:33:43

In fact having been overruled for ds3 it was on the list for my dog as well but dh didn't agree to that either grin

Yorky Mon 17-Oct-11 19:44:13

Oh dear, another really cute (world's most irrestible smile, at 15mo!) but definitely mischevious monkey Luke here! Am seeing a pattern

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