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Julia, Sasha, Tess or.....suggestions on a postcard please!

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TheTeaLady Sat 15-Oct-11 15:20:42

Wow it's tough to get a short list together.

I like several names but they're already taken by my enormous family.
They include Sarah, Luisa, Laura and Kate. And Anna.

Of course, it could be a boy......

Ihavewelliesbutitssunny Sat 15-Oct-11 15:25:33


lockets Sat 15-Oct-11 15:31:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fixture Sat 15-Oct-11 15:40:00


scarevola Sat 15-Oct-11 15:53:17

Well, if it's a boy then, no worries, you've already listed a gorgeous boy's name in Sasha.

I think Julia is a lovely name, but see Tess as a nn for Theresa.

Others to think about: Elizabeth, Miriam, Rebecca, Rachel, Jemima, Tabitha, Frances, Helen, Margot, Jennifer, Susannah?

cece Sat 15-Oct-11 16:04:23

I like Tess and Julia and some of the names you can't use I like too.

On our lists in the past have been


Jawbreaker Sat 15-Oct-11 17:19:52

I love Tess.

Prefer Juliet to Julia - it's stronger to my ears.

I was going to suggest Thea, which a previous poster has.

Not keen on Sasha at all. Makes me think of Sasha Fierce, Beyonce's mental, tarty alter-ego grin


Jawbreaker Sat 15-Oct-11 17:19:59


ImpYCelyn Sat 15-Oct-11 17:22:01

Sasha is a great boy's name, so you've got that one sorted.

Tess is nice.

I don't like Julia much, I agree that Juliet is better.

SleepyFergus Sat 15-Oct-11 17:33:12

Sasha is a great GIRLS name too. On my short list if we have another DD. Is the boys version spelt Sacha? Can't recall!

tammytoby Sat 15-Oct-11 22:15:47

Sasha is a boys name. In Germany it is only allowed for boys (spelled Sascha). I find it really odd for a girl.

For girls, I like Luisa and Sarah very much.

tammytoby Sat 15-Oct-11 22:17:01

The boys name Sasha is spelt Sasha in the UK, Sascha in Germany/Russia and Sacha in France.

This is because the French pronounce 'ch' as sh, like 'chat'.

LidlVoice Sat 15-Oct-11 22:21:25

I like Tess and Julia. How about Nell,Juliet, Iris or Ruth? My current favourite is Rita but as I won't be having any more babies it's more likely to be my next dog's name grin

NotanOtter Sat 15-Oct-11 22:32:01

we use the frech spelling of Sacha for our DD who is actually Alexandra

I love Julia from your list

Offspring Sun 16-Oct-11 03:54:39

DD is Sasha and I love it for a girl (obviously) smile.

I also love Eloise as suggested above, along with Saskia and Thea.

scarevola Sun 16-Oct-11 08:27:54

In Russia it's spelt in Cyrillic! And as it is a very traditional name there, the other European versions are transliterations of the Russian "sh" sound.

It would be a very peculiar name on a girl on most of mainland Europe. I suppose whether that matters depends on where you are, and whether you think your children are likely to relocate.

HoldTouchEngage Sun 16-Oct-11 08:33:49

Sacha for a boy - love it! Biased and adore Gabriel wink - how about Seth, William, Saul, Jude?

Girls? Saskia - adore it! Susannah? Martha? Felicity? Jasmine? Ruby? Eloise? Esme? Vivienne?

rachel234 Sun 16-Oct-11 21:51:39

Girls - love the name Julia!

Boys - Sasha is nice. Quite popular in Germany.

deste Mon 17-Oct-11 23:24:02

Natasha is very similar.

anyagoogle Tue 18-Oct-11 00:26:13

I may be biased but I love Sasha (DSis is one but then she is Aleksandra). But I will say for a girl that is rare but no unheard of.

Julia I like. Can't stand Juliet reminds me of GCSEs
Tess is okay but Tessa is better.

Saskia is nice as well

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