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yorkshiremummy75 Thu 13-Oct-11 22:46:24

So DH vetoed my most recent name idea for our third DC. Apparently it would be cruel to name a child Proudlock and I should not be getting name ideas from Made In Chelsea envy

On a more serious note, after some great MN feedback and another look through our names we have come up with another (slightly shorter) shortlist!

What are your opinions on -

Inigo Gray
Otto Gray
Augustus Bay
Atticus Bay

Lucia Cleo
Ariana Cleo
Paloma Elodie
Astrid Elodie

What are your favourites?

FunnysInTheGarden Thu 13-Oct-11 22:48:47

like all of them except Paloma, Astrid and Augustus

seeker Thu 13-Oct-11 22:53:49

Honestly? Honestly?

I think the boy's names all sound a bit pretentious and try too hard. And Bay isn't a name. Neither is Gray.

Cleo is lovely, though!

Grockle Thu 13-Oct-11 22:56:18

Otto and Lucia or elodie

Agree with seeker that gray is not a name. Nor is bay. Atticus Bay sounds like a place.

rachel1970 Fri 14-Oct-11 07:09:13

Love the boys names apart from Otto, which is hideous.
I like all the girls names apart from Astrid.

tammytoby Fri 14-Oct-11 08:56:23

I like them all (apart from Otto, which is just comical but then I have German relatives) and they make a refreshing change from all the little Ellies, Sophies, Charlies and Alfies I hear these days. Also, having just read the other thread about 4-5 kids with the same name in class, I feel we should be more supportive of more name diversity, so seeker, I feel we should try 'especially hard' to find lovely underused names.

Fixture Fri 14-Oct-11 08:59:24

Atticus Bay and Ariana Cleo.

comedaygoday Fri 14-Oct-11 09:27:01

The boy's first names you have chosen are fine. Of them all, I slightly prefer Inigo or Atticus. I really do not like Bay or Gray though. Have you considered s more common, traditional middle name? It would give your son another option if he really hated having an unusual name.

Of the girl's names, I probably like Lucia or Astrid the best. Do not like Paloma.

scarlettlips Fri 14-Oct-11 10:09:21

Proudlock....brilliant grin Love a bit of M in C! blush

Otto Gray - is lovely, cool yet not too shocking. I know an Otto he's super cool. I don't dislike Gray but what about Grayson nn Gray or maybe Guy? Just an idea.

Astrid or Paloma for me. Really like the name Paloma but DH said no! I don't think you will meet many Astrid's at the school gate.

As for 'bit pretentious and try too hard' i'd rather give my child a so called pretentious name than a overly common (popular) one but that's just me. I argee with Tammy diversity is surely a good thing.

Fixture Fri 14-Oct-11 10:13:23

If we're allowed to mix them up, then Inigo Atticus and Elodie Lucia would be nice smile

BedatHogwarts Fri 14-Oct-11 10:23:48

I like Otto and Inigo - Inigo was on my list but DP vetoed it for sounding too much like 'I'm a negro' hmm. Other 'I' names on my list were Inaki, Idris, Imari, Ijah and Isidro.

Augustus and Atticus are a bit 'trying to sound posh' IMO. I'm not a big fan of long names that need shortening to be practical.

Astrid Elodie is my favourite from your girls names.

margerykemp Fri 14-Oct-11 11:38:09

Are you pronouncing lucia loo-sha or loo-chee-a or lucy-a?

hulabula Fri 14-Oct-11 11:52:15

I think they're all great names and make a refreshing change from all the same top 20 or so names we hear all the time.

Love Inigo, Augustus and Atticus. How about Thaddeus or Quentin?

Love Lucia, Cleo, Ariana, Paloma, Elodie and Astrid. How about Leonora?

Seeker, why on earth wouldn't we try VERY hard to find a lovely name for our child? I agree with scarlettlips and tammy above - the other thread about all the confusion of having 3 or 4 same names in a class should make us all become a little more supportive of MORE name diversity.

It's not like the op is suggesting to call her child poopoohead or nutella or something - they are all perfectly normal names, just not as 'trendy' as Charlie, Ellie or Jack.

saffronwblue Fri 14-Oct-11 11:55:35

I like Atticus and Astrid best.

mopsyflopsy Fri 14-Oct-11 12:03:24

I love Atticus, Augustus and Inigo - classic, strong roman names that aren't oveused.

From your girls' list I really like Ariana, Paloma and Cleo.

But they're all lovely underused names. I seem to love 'trying hard to be posh' names - I must have good taste smile. I think they are much nicer and more elegant than 'common' names. (disclaimer: I normally don't like labelling names, I'm just responding to the poster above)

Rhubarbgarden Fri 14-Oct-11 12:49:16

I like Augustus or Inigo for a boy, and Astrid for a girl. I wouldn't put Gray with Inigo though - sounds like a paint colour with a missing d.

MamaLazarou Fri 14-Oct-11 14:57:40

Inigo Gray - love Inigo, though it's slightly pretentious, IMO. Gray is OK.
Otto Gray - Otto is a great name.
Augustus Bay - Love Augustus, but Bay is awful, sorry.
Atticus Bay - too trendy, will date badly. Also a bit 'right-on lefty liberal'

Lucia Cleo - Depends on pronunciation. LOVE Cleo.
Ariana Cleo - Nebulous.
Paloma Elodie - Love Paloma, a beautiful, musical-sounding name. Not a fan of Elodie at all, I am afraid.
Astrid Elodie - Astrid is lovely and much underused, IMO.

Sorry - you did ask!

rockboobs Fri 14-Oct-11 15:04:28

cleo - yes
paloma - yes

Elodie is bleugh, sorry. looks lovely written but sounds too much like melody or melanie.

Inigo - yes
Otto - yes

Everyone is right i'm afraid. Bay and grey ain't names. they is what a horse is smile

upatdawn Fri 14-Oct-11 18:45:42

Cannot believe that your DH vetoed Proudlock grin Locky for short?

Out of your list I can't decide between Inigo and Otto, I love them both! Also like the middle names.

For the girl's list I would go for Lucia - it is absolutley beautiful!

LydiaWickham Fri 14-Oct-11 18:50:15

Anything with 'bay' will sound like you named your DS after the cheap bottle of wine you drank when you got pregnant. Sorry, it sounds bad.

Astrid and Atticus are both nice names.

Psammead Fri 14-Oct-11 19:07:44

I really like them all. I think Gray and Bay are just fine.

Augustus is my fave from the boys. It's on my list too.

Lucia is my DD's name so is my fave.

But I do like them all.

ChippingIn Fri 14-Oct-11 19:09:35

I prefer Proudlock grin

Sorry, you and I are miles apart in our taste in names - I can't help you decide at all. Hope you find something you just love soon though.

Applegirl33 Fri 14-Oct-11 19:25:56

They all sound a bit European and fashionable to me - latin/German/Spanish etc. Assuming you're British and intending to live in the UK in the future I think this trend will date fast. Sticking to a traditional British saints name e.g. John, David etc will mean they will be able to fit in anywhere and with anybody and when they get older it wont label them as being born in a certain 5 year period.

E.g. picture a Maureen, a Tracey, a Sharon, a Wayne in your head. Are you picturing a 30 year old doctor? Picture a Penelope/Miranda - are you picturing a 21 year old cleaner? These were all fashionable names for a short time.

When naming kids, think about the name for them as an adult - is it going to label them as a investment banker or a roadsweeper.

Best names are easy to spell, not too long, not labelling them as poor or rich, not confusing.

But perhaps these are family names, in which case any of them are good. We have some very strange first names in our family and they've done fine.

We called our DS the most common dogs name which has caused some problems at times. Some of your list sounds a little pet friendly.

tammytoby Fri 14-Oct-11 20:07:34

"picture a Maureen, a Tracey, a Sharon, a Wayne in your head. Are you picturing a 30 year old doctor? Picture a Penelope/Miranda - are you picturing a 21 year old cleaner"

Erm, no confused.

OP, I love all your names - they're elegant, classic and not overused. My favourites are Atticus, Augustus and Paloma, Ariana. You have great taste smile.

upatdawn Fri 14-Oct-11 20:35:38

Applegirl can't say that I would think of a '21 year old cleaner' when someone says Penelope or Miranda hmm

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