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Names for my fourth DD...opinions please

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runaroundstartsnow Mon 10-Oct-11 19:59:40

Seren Elizabeth...or Liberty Grace. Am open to other names in similar vein also.

thisisyesterday Mon 10-Oct-11 20:05:52

ooh i like both, but i think i just prefer Seren Elizabeth

what are your other dd's called?

Kayano Mon 10-Oct-11 20:06:32

Def Seren over Liberty any day of the week!

Liberty makes me think of nan from the Catherine Tate show 'what a f**king liberty!' grin

BeeBread Mon 10-Oct-11 20:08:07

Seren by a mile.

Liberty is a lovely word and a nice name in theory but in reality I think it would sound a bit cheap/try-hard.

Bunbaker Mon 10-Oct-11 20:11:32

I'm going to sound really thick here, but how do you pronounce Seren? I have never heard of it.

DigOfTheStump Mon 10-Oct-11 20:12:16

Seren, definitely.

pilates Mon 10-Oct-11 20:13:19

Seren Elizabeth

TimeWasting Mon 10-Oct-11 20:14:16

Elizabeth Grace.

What are your other daughters called?

Fixture Mon 10-Oct-11 20:15:04

Liberty Grace would be a great name smile Both lovely meanings and they flow nicely together.

Seren is getting rather faddy, although I like Serena.

runaroundstartsnow Mon 10-Oct-11 20:35:22

My other dds have unusual names (well they were when they got them) that have become rather more usual a few years after.One of my dds is called Tia, hardly any children of her age share the name but millions about 6 yrs younger do.

bigbluebump Mon 10-Oct-11 21:23:00

Seren is much more classic and elegant imo. Lovely name - I don't know any.

manicinsomniac Mon 10-Oct-11 22:09:24

I much prefer Seren

ellesabe Mon 10-Oct-11 22:11:54

I don't really like the nn Lib or Libby so I would also vote for Seren.

runaroundstartsnow Tue 11-Oct-11 14:33:22

Well, looks like Seren is in the lead.Thank you everyone for your opinions smile

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