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DD's name. Final 5.

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AnaLucia Fri 07-Oct-11 04:37:05

Finally, we're down to our final 5 names. It's taken alot longer than I thought it would due to DP and I having completely different tastes but we're finally here <celebrates quietly> Now all we have to do is pick one... Oh, and middle names.


Valentina is a family name on my side - DP doesn't like it. Sasha is my name, I've loved it since I was about 15 and always thought it would be my first daughter's name - DP is keen but it would use it if he had to. Avery is a family name on his side - we both like it but only like, not love. Kate and Jessica are DP's choices - I'm not a huge fan of either of them.

I really don't want to still be arguing over this when DD comes along. HELP! Which do you like or dislike? I can take it, I promise!

nooka Fri 07-Oct-11 04:53:08

I quite like Avery, although I think of it as a boys name because of Charlotte's Web (I know it is unisex). I think that the best combination is

Avery Valentina Surname

Two family names, one from each side.

CheerfulYank Fri 07-Oct-11 05:08:09

Jessica Avery is nice
Avery Kate
Sasha Kate

Lots of nice choices. Avery is really popular for girls here. smile

thistlemuncher Fri 07-Oct-11 06:10:00

Avery seems like a boys name to me (gut reaction, never heard of it before). The others I like. If you're not keen on Kate could you use one of the long versions and just then your DH can call her Kate (Katherine, Kathryn, Catherine, Katharina, Caitlin, Katrin etc)?

I would be looking at Sasha with either Kate or Jessica then you have one you like and one your DH likes. (Sasha Jessica has maybe too many s's?)

IvyAndGold Fri 07-Oct-11 06:37:57

I definitely think you should try and wrangle Sasha since you've wanted it for so long! grin

MissClavel Fri 07-Oct-11 06:43:50

Sasha Kate is lovely smile

Psammead Fri 07-Oct-11 09:07:33

Sasha and Avery are very nice.

Kate would be my third choice.

Valentina is not my cup of tea.

Jessica produces a reaction in me because of a hateful one I knew, but is fine.

I would choose Avery, personally.

scarlettlips Fri 07-Oct-11 09:08:31

I really like Avery, since it's a unisex name therefore I'd go for a strong middle name.

Avery Valentina
Avery Sasha
Avery Katherine

Offspring Fri 07-Oct-11 10:40:21

DD is Sasha and therefore my favourite smile.

We chose Isobel with it for a mn, but Sasha Kate was also a contender, love the sound of it.

ImpYCelyn Fri 07-Oct-11 10:43:53

Avery is always a boy's name in my head.

I don't like Valentina at all.

The best is Kate, then Jessica, then Sasha.

pommedechocolat Fri 07-Oct-11 10:44:53

Love Valentina, I used to live in Italy and always liked it. nn Valey out there.

I cannot imagine naming my daughter after myself tbh, seems a little odd so Sasha would be out for me as a first name.

Avery is okay.

Prefer Katie to Kate and Jessie to Jessica.

My vote would be for Valentina and Sasha or Avery as a middle name.

pommedechocolat Fri 07-Oct-11 10:46:07

Oh maybe I misunderstood - Sasha is not your ACTUAL name?
Probably Sasha Avery then. Valentina in the UK is harder to use than in Italy.
Sorry! blush

Fixture Fri 07-Oct-11 10:53:19

Jessica Valentina smile

Valentina - quite nice
Sasha - don't like
Avery - stationery brand
Kate - not keen
Jessica - like

picklepepper Fri 07-Oct-11 10:54:58

I think Avery Valentina is a beautiful name, unusual and very classy. I hadn't heard of Avery before, but I just can't imagine it on a boy.
Plus, like nooka said, using a family name from each side is a nice compromise. Lovely names though, congrats on narrowing it down so far!

twixtwix Fri 07-Oct-11 11:05:46

Love the name Avery. I would go for Avery Kate or Avery Jessica. They're all good options though!

pyjamasinbananas Fri 07-Oct-11 11:06:02


thisisyesterday Fri 07-Oct-11 11:08:21

i LOVE Valentina. my fave my far

then in order I would go:

I really don't like Avery, I think cos it makes me think of aviary?

whathappenedtom Fri 07-Oct-11 11:11:51

Sasha - gorgeus, not sure about using your name though?

Avery - don't like, how about Aubery?

Kate - nice but too many

same with Jessica

Valentina - again I don't like it

sasha wins! grin

Maryz Fri 07-Oct-11 11:15:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubyLovesMayMay Fri 07-Oct-11 11:17:12

I think Sasha Valentina sounds like a clothes designer or something creative like that, and I picutre a pretty little girl in my head.

If you've loved the name for that long, you have put it in there somewhere. You'll regret it if you dont.

Jessica and Kate are just plain nothing wrong with then but just ordinary.

Im with thisisyesterday
"I really don't like Avery, I think cos it makes me think of aviary?"

pilates Fri 07-Oct-11 11:41:37

Quite a mixed bag of names.

Jessica Kate Avery

Jessica Kate Valentina

MelinaM Fri 07-Oct-11 11:55:36

Valentina - Lovely, and very underused.

Sasha - Lovely, and again underused.

Avery - Hmm I find this quite American sounding, and reminds me of a bird aviary too!

Kate - Love Kate.

Jessica - Dislike with a passion, but I d love Jess!

I'd go with Sasha or Valentinasmile ..and perhaps Kate toowink

QueenVictoria42 Fri 07-Oct-11 13:01:45

Valentina - absolutely love this name. Gorgeous, but if your DP hates then surely it has to be off the list?
Sasha - you say your DP 'is keen, but would use it if he had is he NOT keen? I'd push for it if I were you. Sounds like he could be convinced. As a similar alternative and perhaps compromise how about Saskia?
Avery - Actually quite like this. I don't think of it as a boys name. I associate it with the character in Jerry Maguire, who played Tom Cruise's fiance before he dumped her for Renne Zellwegger's character.
Kate - nice, but feels like a nn so I would say you should use Katherine as the proper name, but if you don't like that then what's the point. I wouldn't use it for that reason.
Jessica - BORING!!!! It's so sickly sweet and feels pathetic to me. It was so popular for a while, less so now, and I think I was put off when the name was at its height. Just met too many.

QueenVictoria42 Fri 07-Oct-11 13:03:58

so erm, after evaluation I would say go for Sasha Kate (reckon you can get away with nn form as a mn), just because Sasha is the name you love. I also think Avery and Valentina are too gorgeous to be relegated to mn's IYSWIM?

picnicbasketcase Fri 07-Oct-11 13:09:09

Avery reminds me of the Benny Hill thing where he says 'That great big Betty Mavery, she's got her own aviary'. Odd.

My favourite is Valentina, but I don't think you should use it if your DH hates it. You need to both love the name. I think either Sasha Kate or Jessica Kate.

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