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mythical Fri 30-Sep-11 21:25:22

We both love isabel but i was wondering how unusual is izabel in the uk? I'm not british and where we come from it is spelled izabel not isabel. does it sound like i just randomly replaced a letter in the name and will she have to spell it for the rest of her life? or am i over thinking this?
It would be

Izabel Helen F......

rushofbloodtothefeet Fri 30-Sep-11 21:26:50

My niece is called Izabella, she is in Wales

Toobluntforboss Fri 30-Sep-11 21:27:35

Looks strange with a 'z' to me. Reminds me of Jezebel (and not in a good way) sorry.

Beamur Fri 30-Sep-11 21:29:22

It is an unusual spelling in England, but if there is a heritage link to it that is always a nice thing to keep in a name.
You will always have to spell it though, but saying that, there are already several ways of spelling it so you often have to anyway - there's an Isobel in my family.

cheesesarnie Fri 30-Sep-11 21:29:29

looks randomly placed.
id spell it isobel

Rydwinhofficoffi Fri 30-Sep-11 21:31:54

If you are not british then no it doesn't sound like you have added in the z.

They say their name is Izabel
X spells it with an s/or DC says Izabel with an z
and if x (which half and half wouldn't happen their are afew names where some people use s not z and vise versa) makes face/gets stumbed/'ohh'
DC says ohh my family are from 'y'

ChippingIn Fri 30-Sep-11 21:33:08

Sorry - but it looks like one of those 'spelt phonetically' (I know that's terrible english!). I wouldn't do it - even with the heritage. I like Isobelle or Isabelle.

Alambil Fri 30-Sep-11 21:52:56

I'd spell it how it is spelt in <<wherever you come from>>

At work, I see Isobel / Isabel / Isobelle / Isabelle / Isobell / Issabel....

I can categorically say, I don't think the spelling is a major issue with this particular name.

Slambang Fri 30-Sep-11 21:56:47

Lovely name either way.

My ds has a name spelt in the way that it is written in his dad's country (and so spelt weirdly/ wrongly by English reckoning). He has had to put up with a life of constant explanations, teachers, doctors etc etc telling him 'They've spelt your name wrongly on my list.' Very irritating for him.

However his name also reflects his (mixed) heritage. If it was spelt the English way he would have less of a link to his dad's country, less of a feeling of belonging partly to that culture. He grumbles sometimes about his unusual (in this country) name and its spelling but I have suggested changing it to the English version and he wont hear of it.

Having said that - it does look a bit like a 'made up' spelling. I'd say it depends a lot on your surname.

exoticfruits Fri 30-Sep-11 22:23:35

I was going to say 'spell it properly' but if that is your general spelling it is fine-she will however have to continually spell it in UK. However she would have to spell it anyway because some have Isobel and some Isabel.

They all end up as Izzy anyway. I know of one spelled that way. Doesn't stop it being the same name as a million others.

mythical Fri 30-Sep-11 23:04:23

I'm not trying to change s to z to make it "different" or make it sound unique, if i wanted a unique name i wouldn't have chosen Isabel in the first place.

We live in the UK and DH is british so we'll probably stick to Isabel. I have a unique name and i absolutely bloody hate it, it gets misspelled and pronounced incorrectly on a daily basis.

It was a suggestion that came from Dh because he felt he wants a bit of my heritage in the name since i took his surname but i'm not as keen to be honest.

mythical Fri 30-Sep-11 23:08:27

but thank you very much for your opinions! it really does help, it's hard for me to see it as an unusual spelling because i am used to it!

It is a nice idea but could be seen as a yooniq spelling, which I understand it's not. How about a middle name from your culture?

CocktailQueen Fri 30-Sep-11 23:31:22

Yup, would be odd spelled that way here. Agree with Ursula!

brodanbell Fri 30-Sep-11 23:43:05

I think you should spell it with a z. It's nice to reflect the heritage of your parent/s. I don't think it sounds like you have opted for a unique spelling just for the sake of it. There is a reason behind it, and as others have said, she'd have to spell it anyway as there are lots of variations, and quite simply she can say it's Izabel with a z. Not quite the same, but my middle name is the English version of an Italian name. I wish my parents had had the guts to go with the Italian version - it's 100% more interesting!!

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