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BeeBread Fri 30-Sep-11 12:10:58

So, what do you think?

Older DS is Henry. We like pretty traditional names and I can't convince DH to go even remotely off piste.

If Charles/Charlie weren't so popular I think we wouldn't hestitate. But in real life I know very few Charlies and it seems to be discussed relatively rarely on here so I wonder if I'm worrying about nothing?

MelinaM Fri 30-Sep-11 12:33:19

Charles nn Charlie is lovely, I only know of one Charles and he's 55!

anewmotivatedme Fri 30-Sep-11 13:48:17

Charles is a fabulous name.

BeeBread Fri 30-Sep-11 17:05:14

I am thinking that too. It is a classic, no? Can't go out of fashion, and isn't dull (well I think not).

Just worried in case there are secretly lots about.

Currently also mulling Rufus and Logan but I can't see DH ever agreeing to them.

elliepac Fri 30-Sep-11 17:09:47

DS is Charles/Charlie and I think it is a wonderful name <biased emoticon>.

CurwySwide Fri 30-Sep-11 18:04:30

Rufus is gorgeous - try and persuade DH!

Meteorite Fri 30-Sep-11 18:27:59

Charles with Charlie as nickname is great, a nice classic name smile

I like Rufus but not Logan (too fruity - similar to loganberries!)

lurkinginthebackground Fri 30-Sep-11 21:17:36

I know a couple of Charlies (both boys and girls) but not many Charles. Had two in my class at school though so perhaps time for a revival?

SazZaVoom Fri 30-Sep-11 21:18:46

Oh, my mythical DS would have been a Charles/Charlie. I ended up having 2 DD's but it was my boys name both times.

SazZaVoom Fri 30-Sep-11 21:19:17

Very few Charlies round here BTW - have only met one in 5 yrs

cazboldy Fri 30-Sep-11 21:22:39

i have a Charles / Charlie.

I think it's lovelysmile

and he likes it too! he is 5 and likes it at school when the call him his "grown up name" (Charles)

Skillbo Fri 30-Sep-11 22:28:49

I know a lot of Charlies (and I do mean a lot - seems really popular here!!) but no Charles... HTH

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