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Hmmmmn Shortlist

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HoldTouchEngage Thu 29-Sep-11 22:40:39

DC3 could soon be on the way and we've been throwing names around

DD and DS both have names starting with G (dd's name is not unusual at all and ds is Gabriel)

We really like William (family connections) and although I like the nn Billy, OH wouldn't ! If we used William OH has a harsh sounding surname and aswell the name would be along the line of William Wilberforce or William Wallace and we have been told it's too much with the W's and L's? Although i think it's strong sounding?

Boy names on shortlist apart from William are

Roman (although i'm not keen)

Although we like William with Oberon as middle name

Girl Names are

Libby (Mary Jade to follow)
Susannah (i love OH vetoes)
Felicity (although neither to sure now)
Zara (Libby Jade to follow)

I love Xanthe or Xanthia but OH doesn't...

Italiangreyhound Thu 29-Sep-11 23:43:54

William - like it
Jude - lovely
Job - think people will say Job not Joeb
Saul - not so keen
Roman - personally not my type of name

Libby (Mary Jade to follow) - lovely
Susannah - not so keen, prefer Suzette but would think of Crepe Suzette!
Felicity - love it
Zara - not so keen

Xanthe or Xanthia not for me as a first name.

From your names I like these best:

Jude William

Libby Xanthe, Libby Felicity or perhaps Felicity Xanthe


lurkinginthebackground Fri 30-Sep-11 00:23:11

Jude - nice, quite "hippy".
Job - agree that people will call him Job.
Saul - not keen
Roman (although i'm not keen) - like this

Although we like William with Oberon as middle name

Girl Names are

Libby (Mary Jade to follow) - ok, a bit too trendy, could become dated
Susannah (i love OH vetoes) - not keen a bit too like Susan which is very plain.
Felicity (although neither to sure now) - best of the girl's names
Zara (Libby Jade to follow) - nice.

William also a good choice.

Meteorite Fri 30-Sep-11 09:43:21

I like William, Jude, Saul, Felicity, Zara and Xanthe.

anewmotivatedme Fri 30-Sep-11 11:24:56

I love William and Susannah

MelinaM Fri 30-Sep-11 12:44:34

William is lovely, but much prefer the nn Will, can't bear Billy! Love the mn Oberon!

Libby is very 'on trend' I feel and will become dated rather quickly, how about Liberty or Elizabeth with nn Libby?

Not a fan of Felicity I find it too fussy, Susannah is okay but hate the nn Susie! Zara is lovely, but not with Libby Jade to follow. It needs a longer mn in order to balance / flow.

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