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Rick, Pip, Matt, Jules

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icouldbethomasina Fri 23-Sep-11 23:53:02


Opinions if you please.

Imnotdarrellrivers Sat 24-Sep-11 00:51:42

Jules I like
Rick is alright think people will just assume it is Richard though
Matt I like - wont neccessarily have same problem as Rick thinking it is Richard
Pip I really like but maybe better as Philip on BirthCert. I think - cant decide.

tummytickler Sat 24-Sep-11 09:49:14

Jules is fabulous with as a nn for Julius or Julian
Pip is sweet too , but as a nn for Philip
Matt is one of my pet hates, and Rick is a bit rubbish too.
Cedric is great though )maybe with nn Ric)

figgygal Sat 24-Sep-11 10:07:12

Don't like any of them sorry though Matthew is on my list if you would consider it and use Matt as a nickname?

Ihavewelliesbutitssunny Sat 24-Sep-11 10:22:31

I think they all need longer names on birth certificate except perhaps Jules which is cool.

poormesomemore Sat 24-Sep-11 23:25:33

I like Jules.
Pip I really like could do by itself but probably better as a nn for Philip
Rick I don't like
Matt is okay nothing special.

melliebobs Sun 25-Sep-11 09:49:15

Not so sure on Pip just cos that's what were calling the 19 week think squirming around inside me at the moment. But we will be using Philip as a middle name in honour of it if it's a boy

Although Pip would suit a cute cuddle baby it wouldn't suit a grown man!

hofficoffi Sun 25-Sep-11 09:58:07

I know an adult Pip (though he is actually philip but never uses it) I like it.
Jules I really like as well

dont like Matt or Rick

Meteorite Sun 25-Sep-11 19:06:35

Rick - not keen
Pip - nice for a girl Philippa/Pippa
Matt - OK as nn for Matthew
Jules - nice as nickname for Juliet

moonfaceandmrsslap Sun 25-Sep-11 19:33:14

Jules purely for Jules Verne.
Pip I like
Matt is a bit muh
Hate Rick with a passion.

Bunbaker Sun 25-Sep-11 19:35:21

They all look like abbreviations or nicknames to me. I don't mind them, but it would look better to have the full name on the birth certificate and then your son could decide for himself what he wants other people to call him.

hauntyharry Sun 25-Sep-11 19:57:16

I think Pip is cute, but when he is a strapping 6ft 2in tall will he want people to call him that?
Rick or Ricky is sweet but when he gets a bit older he might get teased if the other kids start rhyming his name.
Jules and Matt are sweet and he could grow into them well.
Happy choosing

TreacleChops Sun 25-Sep-11 20:11:46

Pip - is my dog.
Rick- dunno, undecided
Matt - alright but it's more of a nickname
Jules - is a womans name!

flintflopflutter Tue 27-Sep-11 14:03:19

Jules I like.

sparkle12mar08 Tue 27-Sep-11 18:15:23

Jules is the only one suitable as it is imo. The rest are fine as nicknames I suppose, but Pip is not really a name is it, and Rick well, not nice. Matt is fine for Matthew but not on it's own.

DilysPrice Tue 27-Sep-11 18:17:32

None of them are real names unless you are French, in which case Jules is acceptable.

Must Try Harder <gavel>

Paulaonline Tue 27-Sep-11 21:32:53

My cousin's called Rick and he got sick of people rhyming his name with eerm negative things...

i like Jules best...

serin Tue 27-Sep-11 22:37:31

Pip is a fart here I come from.
Rick, don't like,sounds very middle aged or Eastenders.
Matt, fine name.
Jules, Never heard it used for a man, love Jude though.

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