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Rufus...what do you think?

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bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:22:33

Any out there?

LaBag Fri 23-Sep-11 09:23:06

Nice name for a dog.

GlaikitFizzog Fri 23-Sep-11 09:24:39

I think dog too, then the comedian Rufus Hound (is that his real name confused?

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:24:44


largeginandtonic Fri 23-Sep-11 09:26:14

I bloody LOVE Rufus. It is an excellent name.

The next ds would be a Rufus had we not just called the dog Rupert.

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:26:19

ok what about Ronald?

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:26:40

oh love Rupert

largeginandtonic Fri 23-Sep-11 09:27:03

NB the dog is only called Rupert because i love that name for boy too and dh had veetoed it so many times.

largeginandtonic Fri 23-Sep-11 09:27:55

Do it. I knew one a few years ago and he was scrumptious.

I long to use it.

largeginandtonic Fri 23-Sep-11 09:28:30

Don't like Ronnie. Call him Rufus. You must.

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:29:04

Also love Barnaby, any thoughts on that?

greenzebra Fri 23-Sep-11 09:29:42

I love this name would love to name any future DS this but DH is having none of it.

imo Rupert is a bit stuck up but Rufus is cool!

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:31:24

I think Rufus is cool too but MIL not keen, she likes Gordon?

largeginandtonic Fri 23-Sep-11 09:32:03

Barnaby also good.

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:33:56

Which way round if have both names

Rufus Barnaby

Barnaby Rufus

have short surname

largeginandtonic Fri 23-Sep-11 09:36:39

Rufus Barnaby.

tummytickler Fri 23-Sep-11 09:37:55

I like Rufus, but think it will be the new Felix and Milo type name - slightly posh and unusual and then everywhere (or at least here in the South East)
Saying that, it is nice, but I prefer Barnaby so would go for Barnaby Rufus.
I actually prefer mil suggestion of Gordon - Gordy is very cute, and Gordon Barnaby sounds fab!

tummytickler Fri 23-Sep-11 09:38:33

I do tend to over think this stuff though blush

susiedaisy Fri 23-Sep-11 09:39:26

I immediately think of a dog when rufus is mentioned albeit a dog belonging to a
Middle/ upper class familygrin

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:41:36

confused Rufus but keep thinking dog

love Barnaby but no one else keen

Didn't like Gordon but quite liking Gordy

redheadbedhead Fri 23-Sep-11 09:44:25

As soon as I saw Rufus I thought of Rufus Wainwright. Not a dog. as far as I know.

Rufus Barnaby is an AWESOME name.

redheadbedhead Fri 23-Sep-11 09:45:06

am trying to get Barnaby through as a middle name for my unborn sprog but DH won't allow it sad

greenzebra Fri 23-Sep-11 09:45:25

I like Rufus and Barnaby and either way round sounds fine to me. both very cool names. Its not a dogs name. But dogs are called it just like dogs are called Ben and Sam but there are plenty of kids with these names. Its not like youve chosen a real dogs name like scruffy and benji. smile

Justfeckingdoit Fri 23-Sep-11 09:48:23

DD was going to be Rufus if she was a boy.

Winston Chruchill's poodle was called Rufus.

bohobaby Fri 23-Sep-11 09:49:33

Scruffy for a boy would probably be quite accurate though!

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