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Greta - middle name

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iskra Thu 22-Sep-11 07:25:17

Greta is a late contender for DD2 name - she's 5 days old. We already have a Nina.

Greta Jane (DP preference)
Greta Audrey (my preference!)

Surname sounds a bit like Tarmac.

Meteorite Thu 22-Sep-11 09:21:28

Greta Mary
Greta Alice
Greta Josephine
Greta Constance
Greta Julia

MelinaM Thu 22-Sep-11 13:05:28

Definitely no to Jane, Audrey is a lovely naem but I'm no sure as it flows particularly well with Greta ..which is beautiful btw!

Greta Alexandra
Greta Beatrice
Greta Elizabeth
Greta Hermione
Greta Isabella
Greta Jessamine
Greta Lavinia
Great Marguertie
Greta Olivia
Greta Renee
Greta Seraphina
Greta Victoria

birdofthenorth Thu 22-Sep-11 14:03:47

Greta Audrey is the best baby name I have heard in a while! Do it!

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