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Please help with choosing our boy's's so difficult!

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sonnyd Wed 21-Sep-11 17:56:01

I'm now 6 weeks away from my edd and we STILL can't settle on a boy's name, so would appreciate some outside opinions!

In no particular order, our current shortlist is;

Cameron (I am being put off by the flippin Prime Minister though!)
Spencer (this is DP's current fave, but I'm not so keen)

Any thoughts?

withLainintheWired Wed 21-Sep-11 17:57:30

I like Declan best of those.

StuntCubble Wed 21-Sep-11 18:06:45

Cormac is a brand of Tarmac where we live. Out of them all I prefer Declan but not that keen on any, sorry.

tummytickler Wed 21-Sep-11 18:07:16

Cormac is my favourite by a long way, followed by Spencer and Declan.
Really hate the name Cameron.

bumbums Wed 21-Sep-11 18:09:59

Declan is the one I prefer. Although none of them are to my taste.

MelinaM Wed 21-Sep-11 18:27:08

Like Cameron but the meaning 'crooked nose' put me off ...rather apt for Mr C I think!

Like Spencer, but reminds me of M&S

Not a fan of Declan - that Donnelly chap, don't like Cormac either ...reminds me of Tarmac!

Are you looking for a 'surnamey' type name?

sonnyd Wed 21-Sep-11 18:30:40

Oh dear...not looking too popular on here then!

MelinaM..not purposely looking for a surnamey type name but agree that they do sound a bit like that.
I'm quite keen on a celtic sounding name.

MelinaM Wed 21-Sep-11 18:39:51

May not be to your taste, but off the top of my head:

Alastair /Alasdair
Rorey /Rory

sonnyd Wed 21-Sep-11 18:48:30

Thanks Melinam, some great ideas there.
I love Aidan but it's been vetoed by DP sad
Callum also a goody! x

Collision Wed 21-Sep-11 18:50:21

Spencer but not keen on any of them to be truthful.

Kayano Wed 21-Sep-11 19:59:14

What about Corben?

PublicHair Wed 21-Sep-11 20:01:58

Francis, Patrick, Seamus.

sjuperwolef Wed 21-Sep-11 20:03:38

cormac, cameran, declan - in that order - dont like spencer, reminds me of some twunt off big brother years ago

ShoutyHamster Wed 21-Sep-11 20:30:11


Or - if you like C names and want a Celtic name, how about Welsh?

-Caio (Kai-yo)
-Cian (also Irish I think) - (Kee-ann)

Aidan is lovely... Spencer is just not nice at all, sorry! How about Struan instead?

I quite like Cameron but I think it is unuseable at the moment due to old foundation-features.

Don't like the others, sorry.

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