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Bubs due next week...would love your thoughts pls

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mummy2l Sun 18-Sep-11 22:36:40

Good evening all!! Ds2 is due next week and we have narrowed down our faves but just wanted some thoughts please smile Our ds1 is Lucas. DH is a fan of more traditional names and we do agree on all of these but any other similar suggestions appreciated smile

Samuel - our fave we think but will probably be shortened to sam pretty much straight away by everyone
Alistair/ Alastair/ Alasdair - thoughts on the best/appropriate spelling of it (last one is the traditional Scottish spelling I think)
Oliver - We like but can't decide if its just a bit too popular!


CocoPopsAddict Sun 18-Sep-11 22:38:17


Yama Sun 18-Sep-11 22:40:32

Agree, Samuel is the best of the three.

What about Alexander?

mummy2l Sun 18-Sep-11 22:48:15

ooo thanks great to hear Samuel is liked. Hmm like Alexander too def one to consider thanks keep them coming!

lchodge Sun 18-Sep-11 22:50:39

Love Oliver and don't know any young or old. Don't like Samuel at all. Like all variations of Alister but don't like any of the nn's that go with it.

SaffronCake Mon 19-Sep-11 00:48:48

Alastair (by any spelling).

DontWorryBaby Mon 19-Sep-11 00:59:33

Is Oliver not the most popular uk name of the past couple of years?

Samuel is a great name, go with that! grin

emmyloo2 Mon 19-Sep-11 07:55:53

I adore Samuel! It's a fabulous name.

I like Oliver and Alistair as well but Oliver is too popular for me.

hugebluebump Mon 19-Sep-11 10:17:51

Alistair is lovely and not that commonly used already. I'd go for that.

Sam (Samuel) and Ollie (Oliver) are very widely used already and are a little dull in comparison.

whizzyrocket Mon 19-Sep-11 11:30:19

Ask yourself whether Oliver being 'too' popular is really that important to you. I think it's more important to choose a lovely name and Oliver is.

allieballiebee Mon 19-Sep-11 16:05:20

Samuel and if you don't want it shortened straight away I think it's possible. My dd2 has a name which people shortened automatically. I just kept saying the long version and it's stuck now. Only a few people shorten it now. But Samuel is definately a lovely name.

ihatetoclean Mon 19-Sep-11 16:18:32

Definatly Samuel, its my ds name and also if you dont want it to be shortened it doesnt have to be, i was adamant he would only be called Samuel and i just corrected people when they said Sam and said "we dont shorten his name it is Samuel" Its not so easy now hes at school though as his friends call him Sam sometimes but he still prefers to be called Samuel.

CurwySwide Mon 19-Sep-11 17:54:33

Alastair is gorgeous. Samuel is nice, but a litle dull in my opinion, sorry. Oliver just far too popular for me.

Meteorite Mon 19-Sep-11 20:13:07

I like all three of those names smile I'd probably go for Alistair, then Samuel, then Oliver.

MelinaM Mon 19-Sep-11 20:17:55

Alastair is lovelysmile Love Alexander too!

Samuel is nice, but I abhor the nn Sam ...a touch too canine!

Oliver is lovely, but uber popular!

Duhart Mon 19-Sep-11 20:24:16

Alastair/Alasdair is very cool.

mummy2l Mon 19-Sep-11 20:55:35

Thanks for all your responses they have been really helpful. We have narrowed it down to either Samuel or Alasdair/Alistair. We love them both so much so I think we will have to wait and see which one he suits best...only a week to go now. I like the fact that Alasdair is a little more unusual but still a name most people know. Such a tough decision. Thanks for all the input grin

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