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After all of your great inspiration we now have a shortlist!

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threeandcounting73 Sun 18-Sep-11 13:20:29

Well, okay, it's not exactly a short list but we have come up with our own top 10 for each gender. We already have three DC (Tamsin, Lennox and Tristan) and our surname is four syllables beginning with M. So thougths on these please!

Phoenix (out there but we like it!)


What do you think? We don't exactly love any of these names but we feel that it's a good starting ground. Other suggestions would also be great smile

lchodge Sun 18-Sep-11 13:37:34

From your list I really like Roman for a boy, very strong and manly! The girls list I'd say Eliza, Ruby or Louisa. All very pretty and feminine, if that's the kind of name your looking for?
Would say a definite no to Fabian, Cassius, Fergus, Arlo and Phoenix.

Rhubarbgarden Sun 18-Sep-11 13:42:57

My favourites are Fabian, Fergus and Eric for a boy, and India for a girl. I wouldn't say Phoenix is particularly out there any more, I know two babies with this name.

Ebb Sun 18-Sep-11 13:46:46

Fabian - Quite like
Eric - don't like
Stanley - no
Ronan - ok
Arlo - don't like
Cassius - quite like
Fergus - Fergus the bogey man grin
Aidan - quite popular at the moment
Roman - not keen
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - ok

Faye - No. We had a girl at school who was known as Gay Faye. blush
Eliza - love
Ruby - like but very popular
Honor - like
Saskia - like
Louisa - like
India - like
Asha - not keen
Alicia - ok
Quinn - no.


MissHonkover Sun 18-Sep-11 13:48:52

For boys I like Arlo and Cassius, and from your girls list I like Honor. To me Quinn sounds like a boy's name, and there are the quim associations... grin

upatdawn Sun 18-Sep-11 15:38:05

To go with a long surname and your other DCs names I would go with Saskia, India or Alicia and Cassius, Fergus or Aidan! Good luck smile

Fabian - love it
Hate ALL the other boys' names, sorry.

Faye - like
Eliza - love Elizabeth
Ruby - ok
Honor - ok
Saskia - hate this
Louisa - like
India - hate
Asha - like
Alicia - ok / love Alice
Quinn - hideous imho

cece Sun 18-Sep-11 15:57:22

Fabian - like Fablon, er no!
Eric - sorry I have never liked this name
Stanley - like
Ronan - are you Irish?
Arlo - no too showbizzy
Cassius - OK
Fergus - OK
Aidan - OK
Roman - not one I would use
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - dreadful

Faye - love
Eliza - OK
Ruby - OK
Honor - love love love
Saskia - OK
Louisa - nice
India - OK
Asha - not for me
Alicia - love
Quinn - awful

Girls names definitely better than the boys.

How about


lockets Sun 18-Sep-11 16:39:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LetThereBeRock Sun 18-Sep-11 16:46:43

No to Fabian.
Yes to Eric.
Definite no to Stanley.
Ronan is very nice.
I don't like Arlo.
Cassius is great.
Fergus is horrid.
Aidan is ok.
Love Roman.
Phoenix is dreadful.

Faye is nice.
Eliza is lovely.
Hate Ruby.
Honor is ok.
Hate Saskia.
Louisa is ok.
Adore India.
Don't like Asha.
Alicia is ok.
Quinn is a boy's name.

brodanbell Sun 18-Sep-11 19:02:42

Fabian - pretentious
Eric - old man
Stanley - old man
Ronan - Keating from Boyzone
Arlo - not keen
Cassius - quite like
Fergus - quite like
Aidan - dislike, but then I have known a few nasty Aidan's.
Roman - undecided
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - like, but actually prefer it for a girl, but maybe because I know a girl one.

Faye - sounds weak
Eliza - it's ok
Ruby - bit chavvy I think
Honor - quite nice
Saskia - love
Louisa - boring, it's just Louise with an A
India - love
Asha - indifferent
Alicia - it's ok
Quinn - undecided, doesn't feel especially female to me.

scarlettlips Sun 18-Sep-11 19:28:31

Arlo - Like
Cassius - Like
Fergus - Love (but then i'm a Jock grin)
Phoenix - think it's really fun. But not super keen but then I'm not brave.

Eliza - Love
Honor - Best name ever...I have an Honor!!!
Louisa - Like
India - LOVE
Quinn - Really quite like this, different but not too out there.

blouseenthusiast Sun 18-Sep-11 19:31:03

I would worry Quinn too close to Quim. I know a female Quincy which might be better

Nikki82 Sun 18-Sep-11 19:31:11

Love Stanley and fergus for boy and louisa and India for a girl.

scarlettlips Sun 18-Sep-11 19:31:33

I think Eliza and Arlo work really work with your current DC's.

Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Eliza

Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Arlo

Lovely xx

Yama Sun 18-Sep-11 19:36:25

Fabian - no
Eric - definitely no
Stanley - ditto
Ronan - quite like
Arlo - not sure
Cassius - love
Fergus - quite like
Aidan - fine
Roman - like
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - love this name, the best of your list by far.

Faye -yes, especially given your other dc's name
Eliza - yes
Ruby - NO
Honor - not sure
Saskia - quite nice
Louisa - quite nice
India - fine
Asha - like
Alicia - like
Quinn - no

Hulababy Sun 18-Sep-11 19:39:03

Fabian is the one I would prefer from the list

I like Eliza, Ruby and India.

I though Quinn was a boy's name.

DigOfTheStump Sun 18-Sep-11 20:04:53

Fabian - just no
Eric - no
Stanley - no
Ronan - I like
Arlo - I like
Cassius - no, much nicer Roman names out there
Fergus - very nice
Aidan - no
Roman - too Roman
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - no

Faye - no
Eliza - too old
Ruby - mmmmm
Honor - no
Saskia - like
Louisa - bit 80s
India - no
Asha - no
Alicia - yes
Quinn - nice, but prefer it for a boy.

tummytickler Sun 18-Sep-11 20:11:47

i only like Eric and Louisa

MissWilde Mon 19-Sep-11 19:45:05

Fabian - Not my favourite of the list, good mn thoug
Eric - lovely
Stanley - okay, doesn't really go with your other DC
Ronan - Love!
Arlo - meh
Cassius - very nice
Fergus - great, especially with other DC's names
Aidan - good
Roman - great!
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - middle name I think

I would go with Cassius Fabian, Ronan Phoenix or Fergus and Roman with different mns.

Faye - pretty but not very strong
Eliza - nice
Ruby - lovely
Honor - okay, not the best
Saskia - love!
Louisa - love!
India - love!
Asha - okay
Alicia - very nice
Quinn - meh

I would go with Saskia/Louisa/India Faye.

Good luck!

Meteorite Mon 19-Sep-11 20:09:28

Fabian - OK, though posh and frilly
Eric - like
Stanley - old man
Ronan - Keating
Arlo - like
Cassius - like
Fergus - not keen
Aidan - like
Roman - too historical
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - pretentious

Faye - drippy
Eliza - faddy
Ruby - like
Honor - like
Saskia - not keen
Louisa - lovely
India - quite 80s
Asha - OK
Alicia - OK
Quinn - too surnamey

minipie Mon 19-Sep-11 20:12:32


Fabian - it's ok
Eric - like
Stanley - it's ok
Ronan - dislike
Arlo - it's ok
Cassius - dislike
Fergus - love
Aidan - like
Roman - dislike
Phoenix (out there but we like it!) - dislike

Faye - it's ok
Eliza - like
Ruby - dislike
Honor - love
Saskia - love
Louisa - like
India - dislike
Asha - dislike
Alicia - it's ok
Quinn - dislike

LadyMary Mon 19-Sep-11 20:53:51

I like Cassius. cass is a great nn.

Asha and Louisa are lovely for a girl. Please not Quinn!

mathanxiety Tue 20-Sep-11 02:33:07

Fabian -- would fit beautifully with the other names and stands on its own two feet too
Eric -- would be horrible with the other names; not even trendy going for it
Stanley -- horrible with the other names; trendy old mannish
Ronan -- nice with the others
Arlo -- too trendy alongside the other names
Cassius -- too pretentious; overwhelms the other names
Fergus -- nice, and nice with the other names
Aidan -- nice but would be lost beside the other names
Roman -- would fit well with the others; very nice name
Phoenix -- it's a bit too far out for my taste; would swamp the other names imo

Faye -- too wispy for the others
Eliza -- nice, echoes the z sound in Tamsin -- wold fit well
Ruby -- too trendy and lacking in gravitas
Honor -- would fit nicely; lovely name
Saskia -- would fit nicely; very nice name
Louisa -- too classic and ordinary beside the others
India -- too hippie fringe beside the others
Asha -- too yoga-esque and sounds like a sneeze
Alicia -- too Hollywood for the others
Quinn -- too American

How about Alys instead of ALicia?

mathanxiety Tue 20-Sep-11 02:37:21

Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Fabian
Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Ronan
Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Fergus
Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Roman

Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Eliza
Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Honor
Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Saskia
Tamsin, Lennox, Tristan and Alys

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