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Peter: yay or nay?

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DoctorX Sun 18-Sep-11 09:22:31

What do you guys think?

scarlettlips Sun 18-Sep-11 09:33:21

Yay, Yay and Yay again.

Classic name.

Stormwater Sun 18-Sep-11 09:36:54

Nay. Dull.

DigOfTheStump Sun 18-Sep-11 10:09:11


littlemisslost Sun 18-Sep-11 10:10:22

yay I was going to call my baby Peter if it was a boy...Peter pan :-) its a sweet name, not used enough

LynetteScavo Sun 18-Sep-11 10:11:34

Nice, but dull.

EdithWeston Sun 18-Sep-11 10:20:53


(Except as a sibling for a Henry).

NormanTheForeman Sun 18-Sep-11 10:25:32

It's lovely, and would have been one of the possibilities for ds, except for there having been a bit of a "black sheep" in the family with that name. But without any personal connections it's a great name. Classic, but not too common these days. You wouldn't get loads of others in their class with the same name.

IHeartKingThistle Sun 18-Sep-11 10:29:14


SaffronCake Sun 18-Sep-11 10:31:17

Very cute.

(Haha, not with Henry though).

SecretNutellaFix Sun 18-Sep-11 10:34:21

Love it.

WowOoo Sun 18-Sep-11 10:36:07

Yay. Lovely classic name.
Can't believe it hasn't had a revival yet. So nice that it's not common among young uns at the moment.

lchodge Sun 18-Sep-11 13:03:07

Too plain/common/old-fashioned for me.

tiddleypompom Sun 18-Sep-11 13:07:56

Sweet - and I've liked all the Peters (and Petes) I've known. If a name can be gentle, I think Peter is one of them.

findmeawell Sun 18-Sep-11 13:08:36


whackamole Sun 18-Sep-11 13:49:48

I like it.

OH doesn't.

Shame as we cannot decide on a name for this baby!

MummysLittleSunbeams Sun 18-Sep-11 13:51:50

Extremely boring, unimaginative & definitely not due for a revival just yet!

Ihavewelliesbutitssunny Sun 18-Sep-11 13:57:01

Its a great name, classic but not boring and yes definately something gentle and gentlemanly about it smile

PGTip Sun 18-Sep-11 13:58:39

Yay, but I'm biased my ds is Peter grin as was my late dad sad

Rhubarbgarden Sun 18-Sep-11 14:00:44

Lovely. Classy.

Nightstar Sun 18-Sep-11 14:53:37

Big Yay!

Totally underused right now. I wanted it after High King Peter from the Narnia books, but wasnt allowed, boo!

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