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Names for DC2

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lieseylou Wed 14-Sep-11 16:50:55

DC2 due in 8weeks.
Need some help with names!
DS1 is Elliot Sebastian.

For a boy:
Dominic (pretty set on this I think) for first name.
Really like Jude for middle name but don't want him to be DJ (yuk)
Maybe Levi, Oliver, Simeon or Zachary in the middle. What do you think?

For a girl:
I really like Naomi but DH not sure as he thinks ppl would pronounce it Niomi not Nayomi. How would you pronounce it?
Other possibilities include:
Eliana (too close to Elliot?),
Sophie (too common?),
Amelia (again too common?),
Rowenna (DH likes but I'm really not sure),

I need a girls name that is pretty, fairly unusual but not weird as DH not into 'modern' names. Also preferably with a good meaning. Am I asking too much?

Kayano Wed 14-Sep-11 17:01:11

I know 2 Naomi
And we pronounce it NIomi not Nayomi
But ... I am always wrong. Lol

EdithWeston Wed 14-Sep-11 17:20:09

I think Dominic is a wonderful name!

I'd pick Oliver for the middle as I like it best of your other possibles, but you need to check your surname to make sure you don't get any words you'd rather not have sprit out by the initials. Otherwise, I think Simeon flows best.

I say "nay-omi" but have come across the other pronunciation too - if this would irk you, perhaps better not.

Of the others:
Azeya - I've never heard it before and don't really take to it
Eliana - yes it's too close to Elliot
Leila - OK
Sophie - lovely, but an awful lot about
Amelia - lovely - not that frequent? (you could also try Emilia?)
Rowenna - I don't like this spelling, prefer Rowena
Heather - lovely

How about Azaria, Rowan, Erica, Linda, Leonie, Amanda, Maura, Tabitha?

MelinaM Wed 14-Sep-11 17:42:14

grin I actually know a Dominic Jude! ...he hates his name with a passion!

I don't like Dominic I'm afraid, I find it rather effeminate.

My cousin is Rowena (Row), it's a lovely name, and the bonus is that it's rarely heard of!

I've always pronounced Naomi as Niomi, never heard of Nayomi.

Amelia and Sophie are uber popular at the moment so I'd avoid those. Leila I think is gaining in popularity I've seen it mentioned on here quite a lot lately, how about Delilah?

Pretty, but fairly unusual...

Josephine - Posy

brodanbell Wed 14-Sep-11 17:56:55

I like Dominic, and I think Oliver is the best 2nd name, followed by Zachary.

I prefer Naomi to all your other girl suggestions. I have only ever known one during my life (so that's 30-ahem years!) and she was a Nay-omi.

I don't think it matters re: pronunciation. Sure she/you will have to probably educate some upon first meeting, but it will soon be corrected. It's life - just like having to spell a surname.

Meteorite Wed 14-Sep-11 19:29:53

Dominic Luke
Dominic Aaron
Dominic Theodore
Dominic Edward
Dominic Nathaniel
Dominic Lawrence
Dominic Peter
Dominic Arlo

Naomi is very nice. I'd pronounce it NAY-oh-mee but have also heard Nay-OH-mee and Nye-OH-mee.

Also like Sophie (Sophia even nicer IMHO), Amelia, and Rowena (with one "n").

lieseylou Wed 14-Sep-11 20:05:43

Ooh, I like Rowena with one 'n' better. Thanks!
Dominic Oliver would mean his initials are DOM, which is either cool or terrible, erring towards the cool! Obviously couldn't have a middle name starting with A, I or U though!
Naomi still remains my favourite girls name. Guess I'll just have to work on DH over the next few weeks - although Rowena now a possibility!
Melina unfortunately most of your suggestions are too much in the weird camp for DH to like them. I really like Aurelia and Ebony but he says no way! lol.

birdofthenorth Wed 14-Sep-11 21:43:37

Dominic Jude is lovely IMHO. My nephew has JJ initials & we thought he'd get JJ all the time but he never has (in fact I'd forgotten anyone worried that until I read your DJ fears!). In reality first names &surnames create more nicknames than middle names which are rarely used outside immediate family.

Dominic Simeon is lovely too but a bit long.

I actually like Rowena. And Ramona, know a little cute one, lots of cute nns. Romola too!

Offspring Thu 15-Sep-11 01:23:10

I really like Naomi, I know one that is 12 and one that is 30. Both pronounce it Nay-omi. What about Saskia? I also prefer Ramona to Rowena (as suggested above).

Of your suggestions I like Jude with Dominic but as a suggestion I also think that Eli sounds nice with it (unless it's too close to Elliot for you!).

lieseylou Thu 15-Sep-11 13:35:04

Interesting how different people pronounce Naomi. Wonder if it depends where people are in the country?
Think I'll just not worry about the DJ thing - you're right about it being first and surname that would normally create that. And I guess it's normally associated with David something anyway.

BlueChampagne Thu 15-Sep-11 16:17:37

Here are some other girls' names for you of the unusual but not THAT unusual sort:


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