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If you were to have boy/girl twins what would you call them?

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LetThereBeRock Mon 12-Sep-11 13:37:00

You have to name them today,once you've gotten over the shock of course.grin
I'm just curious to know what everyone's favourite baby names are at the moment. I'm not pregnant.

You can only choose one option for each baby. No lists.

For me it'd be Sarah Frances Grace for a girl. All family names.

For a boy it'd be Angus something something. I haven't really considered middle names. Angus for my favourite rock star,Angus Young of AC/DC.

YougreatPamplemousse Mon 12-Sep-11 13:40:13

Noa Elizabeth for the girl and Hector James for the boy. Hecotr is who DD2 would have been had she been a DS and Noa is the name DH used his one veto vote on.

wheniwishuponastar Mon 12-Sep-11 13:40:56

Hux and Lux

MrsOzz Mon 12-Sep-11 13:43:27

Zara Lauren and Jasper Max is what I am feeling today!

tammytoby Mon 12-Sep-11 13:44:43

Quentin and Elena today smile

tummytickler Mon 12-Sep-11 13:46:14

Judith and Mortimer

LetThereBeRock Mon 12-Sep-11 13:47:07

I love Mortimer for a boy. It's one of my favourite names.

TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 12-Sep-11 13:47:10


Elodie Grace and Alfie Joseph

Thepoweroforangeknickers Mon 12-Sep-11 13:50:25


LetThereBeRock Mon 12-Sep-11 13:53:27

Yawn? Well that's certainly a unique choice,but each to their own.

ravenc Mon 12-Sep-11 13:59:03

Riley and gavin

storm and riley

i really need another baby to call him/her riley lol

comedaygoday Mon 12-Sep-11 15:20:23

Abraham James and Esther Catherine

Tortington Mon 12-Sep-11 15:21:01

i did have boy girl twins

WorkingItOutAsIGo Mon 12-Sep-11 15:26:38

Jesper and Jemima

bucaneve Mon 12-Sep-11 15:27:51

Thomas and Lydia

(probably no middle names as they will be saddled already with v.long and forrin surname)

ladywithnomanors Mon 12-Sep-11 15:29:33

Richard and Judy

whizzyrocket Mon 12-Sep-11 15:37:45

Adelaide Mia and Fabian Edward

Thepoweroforangeknickers Mon 12-Sep-11 15:38:13

Gavin and Stacey

EricNorthmansMistress Mon 12-Sep-11 15:38:43

Amina and Zaccaria

WorkingItOutAsIGo Mon 12-Sep-11 15:57:31

Oh that just made me realise how much I wanted to be able to use those I want to have boy/girls twins and I had finished.

OP I hate you.

Thepoweroforangeknickers Mon 12-Sep-11 16:17:14

Tony and Cherie

AKissIsNotAContract Mon 12-Sep-11 16:19:09

Dolly and Isaac

thisisyesterday Mon 12-Sep-11 16:20:59

mine would be

Frances and Lucien

Voidka Mon 12-Sep-11 16:28:55

If I had to name them today they would be Rosa Meredith and Jude Edward.

Thepoweroforangeknickers Mon 12-Sep-11 16:37:56

Zig and Zog

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