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Kirstle Sat 10-Sep-11 20:30:08

... Vintage charm or bonkers?

Iggly Sat 10-Sep-11 20:55:02

Makes me think of the rice

mumatron Sat 10-Sep-11 20:56:00


Mummyinggnome Sat 10-Sep-11 20:57:39

That's my name so I quite like it!

MrsOzz Sat 10-Sep-11 20:58:33

Deffo my fav basmati brand!

mistressploppy Sat 10-Sep-11 20:59:04


Queenofthehill Sat 10-Sep-11 21:00:53


MelinaM Sat 10-Sep-11 21:32:43

Swinton for megrin I'm not sure, how about Matilda?

poppettuk Sat 10-Sep-11 21:34:13

My dd2 (6 mnths) called Matilda smile we call her Tilly for short though

Jezabelle Sat 10-Sep-11 21:35:51

I like it as shory for Matilda.

Jezabelle Sat 10-Sep-11 21:36:20

short even!

meditrina Sat 10-Sep-11 21:36:30

Isn't it a diacritic?

forehead Sat 10-Sep-11 21:37:10

Deffo rice

ExpensivePants Sat 10-Sep-11 21:38:02

Rice smile

squinker45 Sat 10-Sep-11 21:38:40

I know one, nice name i think

LucyDeSpiderman Sat 10-Sep-11 21:39:58

My Norwegian Norweegan cousin from Norway recently called her daughter Tilda - I think it's lovely. I do prefer Mathilda though, and Tilda as a nn.

Baffledandbewildered Sat 10-Sep-11 21:45:44

Lovely name I really like it

BlowHole Sat 10-Sep-11 21:46:45

Nice, but also rice.

planetpotty Sat 10-Sep-11 21:47:25

Rice .... Sorry smile

Chynah Sat 10-Sep-11 21:53:25

As a nn for Mathilda it is better than Tilly.

MogTheForgetfulCat Sat 10-Sep-11 22:16:31

Rice here, too

tallulah Sat 10-Sep-11 22:19:37


PootlePosyPerkin Sat 10-Sep-11 22:26:09

Yep, basmati rice. And an actress with an interesting sense of style grin.

Dialsmavis Sat 10-Sep-11 22:32:25

I have a Matilda and we call her Tilda, as not that keen on Tilly. She also has an Uncle Ben though so the rice theme is fairly well ingrained in our family grin

MelinaM Sun 11-Sep-11 01:32:01

^ grin

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