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We liked Jasper but.......

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Nightstar Mon 05-Sep-11 17:44:04

The family have not been keen, they think its a pets name. Anything similar?

We did already consider Caspar but have ruled it out. The name doesnt need to sound the same just be the same sort of name if you know what i mean?


going Mon 05-Sep-11 17:45:17

Choose a name you like, they will get used to it! The more people you allow to influence your decision the harder it will be to choose.

mathanxiety Mon 05-Sep-11 17:51:57

No matter what you do when it comes to your own baby , others will have an opinion and will feel perfectly entitled to tell you all about it. You become public property when you become a parent. This is your introduction to that very irritating aspect of parenthood. Learn from it to do as you please and let the opinions of everyone else wash right over you.

If you like Jasper, then name your baby Jasper. It's a nice name -- but the point is don't let any self appointed committee of family members decide anything baby related for you. Stand up to them now or regret it for years and years to come.

(Perfectly fine to ask for the non-binding advice of MN though smile)

LaWeasel Mon 05-Sep-11 18:02:09

Don't tell your family the names you like! They'll never like anything you do. It's the law.

I know a little Jasper, I think it's lovely.

Cereal Mon 05-Sep-11 18:17:25

Felix, Gabriel, Sebastian, Tristan, Hector, Josiah, Henry, Lawrence, Theodore?

bigbluebump Mon 05-Sep-11 18:20:58

If you love Jasper, that's all that matters. Your baby, your choice imo.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Mon 05-Sep-11 18:24:27

I like the name Jasper but it seems to be a name that grannies don't like. Girl had a friend at toddler group called Jasper, who was brought every week by his granny, who always said his name with a sort of wince.

PuppyMonkey Mon 05-Sep-11 18:26:56

Cereal, those names are sooo similar to Jasper. Not. grin

I love jasper, tell then you've named him after Jasper Tudor, the one who helped bring up Henry VII. wink

Kayano Mon 05-Sep-11 18:39:25


iklboo Mon 05-Sep-11 18:40:56

I knew a lovely Irish Setter called Jasper. But if YOU like the name it's no bugger else's business.

LynetteScavo Mon 05-Sep-11 18:41:40

Ignor your family! This is your baby.

Jasper is a great name, as is Caspar.

How about Jarvis?

Or even better Jonah?

Just don't tell your family until the baby is born and you have totally decided!

Cereal Mon 05-Sep-11 18:43:37

PuppyMonkey hmm

Obviously they don't sound like Jasper, but they're all middle-class slightly posh names. Didn't you notice? grin

Cereal Mon 05-Sep-11 18:44:19

And to quote the OP "The name doesnt need to sound the same just be the same sort of name"

iklboo Mon 05-Sep-11 18:49:37

Jared (Padalecki from Supernatural. Hot)
Jensen (Ackles from Supernatural. V v hot)

mrsrvc Mon 05-Sep-11 19:22:07

Jasper is a lovely name. My family were unconvinced about Wilfred for DS2, made lots of urg noises. We stuck with it and now they love it because it is who he is!

mumofbumblebea Mon 05-Sep-11 20:01:35

i like Jasper. it does seem to be popular round here though. don't worry about your parents, my grandad and his wife were quite vocal about their dislike of the name Beatrice and still only call the "the little one" even though she is no longer the youngest in the family, grrr. i do admit though that i was chuffed that my mum and mil liked my daughters name

Nightstar Mon 05-Sep-11 20:53:51

Thanks Cereal! You are quite right, I was looking for similar types of names and you got the brief exactly. We have a Felix, Sebastian and Theo in the family already, and I love Gabriel (but OH wont go for it as he is convinced he will be teased and called Gay all the time).

I really would be grateful for other name suggestions from everyone.

But also would like to say thanks for sticking up for our original choice, I havent ruled it out, just thought we should see if anything else took our fancy as much.

Louplet Mon 05-Sep-11 20:59:47

DS1 is Gabriel and my parents both didn't like it and tried hard to change our minds. We stuck to our guns and they got used to it.

I really like Jasper. It was on my list for DS2 but doesn't really go with our surname.

Or how about Raphael, Fabian, Leander?

serin Mon 05-Sep-11 22:04:32

Would you pronounce it Jasper or Yasper? (which is how swedish friend says it)

FleurTing Mon 05-Sep-11 22:18:12

I love the name Jasper. Couldn`t give it to my DSs so I gave it to my cat instead, he was a wonderful cat... smile
If you like the name, go ahead - it`s impossible to come up with a name that meets universal approval. If such a name existed, we`d all use it anyway and then go off it for being too common popular!

dottyaboutstripes Tue 06-Sep-11 10:20:15

I would use it. My MIL asked what my brother had called his new dd and when I said Sophie she said "OH, that's a dog's name" Go figure.

Jasper is a fabulous name. Seriously, they'll get used to it - it's YOUR baby anyway so go with what you love.

CurwySwide Tue 06-Sep-11 10:51:14

I really like Jasper; it is the name of a friend's little boy and it really suits him - it has never crossed my mind that it would be a pet's name. Use it if you love it; you will probably regret it if you don't.

leicestershiregirl Tue 06-Sep-11 11:35:15

I went to school with a boy everybody called Jasper though his real name was Adam and nobody thought there was anything strange about it.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 06-Sep-11 11:57:14

Like others have said, ignore, ignore, ignore.

Think instructions should come with the PG test, "discussing baby names with your family will only cause distress, please sign upto MN and discuss your choices there".

Jasper is lovely and if you like it use it. Your family had their choice when they named their children.

My bf discussed her name for her DS with her family and changed her mind after their negative comments. Seven years on she still regrets changing it and wishes she'd stuck with the original name.

PanicMode Fri 09-Sep-11 16:24:27

We chickened out of using Jasper for #4 and I wish we hadn't, I think it's a great name.

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